The Crazies

This movie, coming to video Tuesday, was top of my list when I brought it home Thursday night. It seemed to have the right mix of creepy zombies, startling moments and characters you believed in (before they die). I admit it, I love horror films!

This film stars Tim Olyphant and Radha Mitchell as the perfect couple living the American Dream in a small town in Iowa. They are friends with all their neighbors in this idealistic town. During the first baseball game of the season, the town drunk arrives, walking through the baseball field with a shotgun. Olyphant’s character (and resident sheriff) meets him in the field and tries to dissuade him from using the gun and to go home. The stand-off becomes more terse when a rifle is raised and drunk winds up dead.

The Crazies starts off the movie with a literal bang and builds from there. It creates characters you want to see survive, at the same time as creating a situation that is truly frightening. What is happening to the town-folk? Does the army and therefore the American government know what is happening? And ultimately, how are our heroes going to survive? I found the story-arc of the movie to be fun and scary. I enjoyed the answers to the questions asked and I felt a good amount of fear during the movie. That, to me, is a success. I know people were disappointed with the movie, but I felt entertained and I enjoyed the ride. If you want a movie that scares you as much for the monsters as it does for how the government might react to such a situation, this movie is for you. Me, I have love Tim Olyphant from his Scream 2 days, so it was nice to see him return to his roots.

Overall: pick it up, it’s worth the rent.


~ by xine23 on June 26, 2010.

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