Grown Ups

Went to see this movie last night, all excited cause I love Adam Sandler and Happy Madison Productions. (I also love Chris Rock, Kevin James, David Spade and Rob Schneider) It was like seeing a movie with all my favourites from when I was a teenager. I was stoked!

The premise of the movie is simple. After the death of their coach, five old friends meet up on a Fourth of July weekend. Only this time they have their family, wives and in some cases, their mothers-in-law. It’s a blending of families and seeing if the friendship is there after all these years. They all have their issues and in this weekend they deal with them in a predictable yet amusing fashion.

I liked this movie because it was like re-visiting old friends! All of the characters are predictable to who plays them, but that doesn’t make the scenes any less funny or charming. I loved the banter between the lead characters, all the zings and their ability to just let it roll off their back. And then there are the scenes of physical comedy with Kevin James which make me laugh loudly in the theatre 😉 But beyond the comedy, this movie is great because it’s a great look at getting older, seeing where you have wound up and taking stock of the things you are thankful for and changing the things you can. It’s great for all ages and is a great movie to see with the family. You can wait to see it on video but it is still fun in the theatre!


~ by xine23 on June 28, 2010.

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