Eclipse Review

I know this review is a little late, but I needed to compile all my thoughts.

Overall, this was the best film of the series HANDS DOWN. It was what the other two movies should have been like, if you want my honest opinion. The movie captures essence of the book, and it centers heavily on Bella having to make the choice of being human or to keep her commitment to turning into a vampire. She has the date set, right after graduation, but little things keep reminding her of everything she will be giving up to become immortal. There were some very touching scenes between Bella and her mom, with her friends at graduation. Add on top of that Jake’s persistence in being the other choice for her if she decides to stay human. It makes the viewer feel like they are torn along with Bella.

There was no scene in this movie that felt awkward like in the past two movies, each scene was relevant, had a purpose and connected well. I especially liked the back stories on Rosalie and Jasper, they were touching, fit well with the scene and help drive the story. I thought the Rosalie one was well handled for the topic and really illustrated why she has been so harsh to Bella.

I liked the banter between all the characters, Charlie again was a great comedic relief in the film and just stole the show in every scene he was in. I specifically loved the birds and the bees conversation he had with Bella. SO uncomfortable and yet SO funny!!

Overall, I didn’t feel over whelmed by the movie, thought it went at the right pace, felt I got all of the story and all of the action. The action sequences were awesome!!! I loved the Cullens teaching the wolves how to deal with new-borns and I loved the end fight sequences. I am a big action-movie lover and I was in 7th heaven during these moments.

Lastly, I loved the moments between Bella and Edward. They were so natural and heartfelt. I really felt like they were in love. When Edward discusses with Bella what he would have done had he met her when he was human I was SO touched. I literally teared up.

If you are a fan at all of this series, you have to see this film. The series has finally hit its stride. So stop reading this and thee to a theatre!!


~ by xine23 on July 3, 2010.

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