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This one was especially hard for me because although I enjoy comedies a lot, it’s hard for me to pin down five that I like enough to categorize as “top 5”. I mean there is one clear winner for my favourite comedy of all time, it’s harder to figure out the lowers ones. I mean when I go to re-watch the movies, do I laugh every time? Does it stand up against my personal test of time? And in the end, some of them are here because of nostalgia and long-standing inside jokes. But that just means for myself personally, these films will continue to be funny for me.

#5–American Pie–When this movie came out it was a huge sensation! A movie with an ensemble male cast of unknowns, dealing with teenage sexual angst. Who thought that would become so freaking popular and have two sequels and then numerous random spin-offs? It was an unlikely dark horse.

The reason why I love this movie is for its honesty and for the hilarious situations that the guys get into. It starts off simply enough, four friends hanging out lamenting their virginity and out comes the pact: lose it, all of them, by prom! What ensues is funny, uncomfortable and sweet ride. Jim’s entanglement with Nadia the exchange student is so funny. I will always remember the scene where he shares with the world (by accident) her attempted seduction of him. OR when he violates his mother’s apple pie. LMAO!!! Priceless. I didn’t love the storylines for Kevin or Paul but I did love the storyline for Oz, who unwittingly falls in love on his quest. It made American Pie more than just a slap-stick film, it gave it meaning, which is why I think it was so popular. It appeals to both genders, which is a rarity.

#4–Ghostbusters–This movie is my nostalgia pick. As a child, this movie scared and thrilled me. As I grew up I came more to appreciate the humour, especially Bill Murray. Honestly, I love this man (minus Lost in Translation). Some of the the most quoted movie lines come from this movie. “Ray if someone asks if you are a God, you say YES!”

The story is simple enough, the ghosts in New york City go from mild to terrifying in a short period of time. The only ones capable of dealing with it are parapsychologists Ray, Peter and Egon. Ok Egon is prepared, while Ray and Peter kind of fumbles about. This movie pokes fun at itself, as it builds up the scare factor for the climax. Peter falls for a woman who is being seriously spooked, played by Sigourney Weaver. In the climax, we are scared and humoured by the ultimate evil–the giant stay-puff marshmallow man.

I love every nuance of this movie. I love the bitingly sarcastic Peter, played by Bill Murray. He might have been an accredited doctor, but he didn’t take himself seriously. Instead he prefered to flirt his days away in his “lab” looking for hot “psychic” undergrads. It’s enjoyable to watch him go from devil-may-care to a caring hero. This is also one of the few roles of Dan Akroyd’s that I genuinely like of his. He is bumbling and enthusiastic and charming. The person who stole the show though was Rick Moranis. He is so awkward as the love-sick neighbour of Sigourney Weaver. My favourite scene is when he throws a party and locks himself out of his apartment. Overall, the movie is really for the 80’s crowd. It doesn’t honestly hold up to the test of time, but for those who love it, it’s fabulous.

#3–Hangover–This movie was a surprise for me. I thought it was going to be dumb random stuff that happens, which normally just pisses me off. And I can’t say that it isn’t. But what it is, is a classic. With movies like this, it’s all about the collection of characters, how they connect to each other, and how that gets incorporated into the storyline. The Hangover executes it perfectly. It meshes the “straight/conservative” friend (played by Ed Helms) with the “playboy” (Bradley Cooper) with the “oddball” (Zach Galifianakis). These three play off each other in every scene, no one stealing the show from the other. It is a true ensemble and it makes the movie work.

My absolute favourite scene is when Alan (the oddball) makes his speech on the roof to Doug about being a one-man wolf pack. I cried with laughter at that part. He is so awkward and needy funny. He is what made the movie for, in the end. But there are other amazing scenes, with the naked asian, the hooker-wife and wildly torn up hotel room with the tiger. Which leads to one of the best cameos in a comedy ever–Mike Tyson singing off-key and punching Alan out. You aren’t expecting it, and it just makes you laugh every time you watch it.

It’s hard putting this movie lower on the list, but it’s true, there are two other movies that make me laugh more.

#2–Saved!–now my love for this movie is strictly personal. By no means do I feel like others will agree with me on this, but I don’t mind. For me, I can put this movie on and it makes my day better, brighter and funnier. And I am betting most people either don’t know about this movie or have forgotten it.

Saved! is about a teenage girl who attends a Christian high school and accidently becomes pregnant by her gay boyfriend. She has sex with him to try and save his soul, but interestingly enough starts off on a quest to find herself. Now with that description you are wondering how the HECK this film is a comedy. This movie doesn’t take itself seriously, it doesn’t necessarily poke fun at religion but more at the people who feel they embody it. This is perfectly illustrated with the character of Hilary Fay (Mandy Moore). She feels she is the perfect example of being one of God’s children, but throughout the film it becomes crystal clear, as she ostracizes and denies her friendship with the pregnant Mary that she is really just into being the best and isn’t really into being a good Christian. She starts off slow with having prayer group but by the end does hilarious things like having a drive-by exorcism on her old “friend”. I found this movie funny because of how religion is portrayed, but I also love this movie because it doesn’t truly mock it. It is a great story of finding yourself and finding God. But the ride there is what makes me laugh. And if you know me, you will understand why this is my second favourite comedy.

#1–Old School–I don’t even know where to start with this movie. It has some of my favourite moments of all time in this film. Frank “the tank” is my favourite character out of all comedy movies for me. This movie is a lot like The Hangover in the sense that it is an ensemble cast of guys who come together and create a glorious film. There are one-liners and quotes that I share with my friends to this day. “Oh I am going to have a nice little Saturday…I don’t know! I don’t know if we will have time!” or “I see Blue! He’s glorious!” It introduced the idea of earmuffing conversations around children. It is just GREAT.

This movie has the single guy Mitch (Luke Wilson) who buys a house near the local college campus, after he splits from his wife. His friends Frank (Will Ferrell) and Beanie (Vince Vaughn) love this idea, as they can now throw awesome college parties and re-live their youth. Beanie is the married one in all of this, who has two kids a great business and would rather be bath in college drinking his face off and having no responsibilities. This role for Vince Vaughn broke him into comedy roles. This was before Wedding Crashers. But I digress. Mitch is the just-married-but-shouldn’t-have friend. He’s the wild card. he will go streaking and drink so much alcohol he earns the nickname Frank-the-tank. It’s Will Farrell before Talladega Nights. This movie even has funny supporting characters, one played by Jeremy Piven, from Entourage and Ellen Pompeo from Grey’s Anatomy. If you see one movie from this list, see this one. You will thank me.


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  1. The Hangover is the greatest comedy ever. I know it’s arguably not one of the comedy classics, like Dumb and Dumber, but I laugh equally as hard every time I watch The Hangover (which is three times now, and I HATE watching movies more than once). I agree with how you said it’s a classic on it’s own…very true!

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