Bounty Hunter

I feel as thought I went into this movie with possibly too-high of expectations. Which is surprising in itself because I generally can only tolerate Jennifer Aniston. But sadly I gave Gerard Butler too much credit in being able to carry this film.

Bounty Hunter is your typical formulaic romantic comedy. The couple is no longer together, they hate each other, and are forced together through crazy circumstances that just don`t happen in real life. I can go along with this, as it`s a Hollywood film, which is not based in reality. What makes or breaks these types of films are the jokes, the supporting characters and the ending. All three in this movie are lacking. I dislike the “funny” co-worker of Aniston`s who is semi-stalking her. The plot is so filled with holes it reminds me of swiss cheese and I can`t discuss the ending, but it was very very predictable. Lastly the jokes you see are all in the trailer, and nothing new is introduced. If you have watched the trailer, you have basically seen the movie. I am saddened that Butler is in this film because I do normally love his movies. Oh well, he can`t strike gold every time!

Overall, if you can spend the money elsewhere, do it. It is really a waste of time and money.


~ by xine23 on July 17, 2010.

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