Star Trek (2009)

Before going into my review, I will just say that this film is great for anyone. You do not need to be a fan of the franchise, as it creates its own mythology and character development from the ground up. I can say this for certain, as all of the friends I went to see this with had no Star Trek background and still loved it.

The movie centers on, obviously, James T. Kirk (played by relatively unknown Chris Pine), chronicling his early years and exploring his motivation for joining the Starfleet. The film also chronicles Spock’s history, played by Zachary Quinto (from Heroes). This dual focus is what enriches the story of the film, as it gives the motivation for the two characters and makes the film multi-layered. It shows the development and progression of both characters and the evolution of their characters, as well as the evolution of their friendship.

The film is an excellent mix of story, character development and action. Although some of the action is slightly unbelievable, I am willing to go along with it, since the rest of the movie is so strong. I like how you get the two different backgrounds of Kirk and Spock. I enjoyed watching the relationship between Kirk and McCoy evolve, as well as Spock and Uhura. The story moves at a good clip, I was never confused–even though the plot does involve time travel. I thank this season of LOST for that. And I loved having Leonard Nemoy in the film. His role was pivotal and not cheesy-bad. Very well thought out and executed! Lastly, Eric Bana as the bad guy is great–he isn’t over-the-top and is barely recognizable in the role.

My favourite parts of the film were the introduction of Kirk to the audience as a child. The music and tempo of that scene were amazing. Further, it was just simply kick-ass! I also loved any scene with Scotty (aka Simon Pegg) in it. He was the comedic ice-breaker and just plain FUN!

Everyone should see this movie. If you have a choice between this movie and another one,see this movie!!!


~ by xine23 on July 18, 2010.

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