Salt Review

This movie is exactly what I thought it was going to be–lots of action, twisty plot and an ending I could call. This is almost routine for Angelina Jolie, with this role. She plays Evelyn Salt, CIA agent, who may or may not be planning to assassinate the Russian President. Because she has been accused of being a Russian spy, Salt becomes a federal fugitive! ZOMG!!

This movie is predictable for one of those spy, espionage films. The plot is kind of intricate, but because we have seen something similar to this quite a few times, it is not very new to the audience and therefore when there are no interesting twists or turns, the movie becomes mildly boring. It is like one of those romantic comedies where the plot is the same and the side characters are not impressive enough to hold your interest or make an impact on you. As well, Jolie does not really branch out in this role. She is just some amazing CIA agent who is trained to be the best. I must confess I am getting tired of seeing Jolie do stunts that are just impossible in real life. I hope for her next movie she branches out and does something else, cause she is getting tired.

Overall, do not go to the theater to see it, wait for video.


~ by xine23 on July 25, 2010.

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