New Releases to Theatres

Today new movies graced the theatres today, one that appeals is Dinner for Schmucks. I love Steve Carell and SOME Paul Rudd films. And although on the radio this morning someone panned it ruthlessly, I still want to see it. I mean Carell talks like the Swedish Chef in it! How can I go wrong?? (Famous last words me thinks) I will be seeing this on my next day off, Telus Tuesday.

What else you ask? Well let us graze over Cats and Dogs 2: The Revenge of Kitty Galore. Hmmmmm. Well considering I disliked the first one I am not going to see this one, let alone pay $12 for a theater ticket. But apparently the defeated Kitty Galore is back and looking for world domination, which somehow unites the cats and dogs. Hmmmm GREAT plot there….

Lastly, for the tweens who think Zach Efron is dreamy, there is Charlie St. Cloud. It looks kind of schmaltzy, overly dramatic. A vehicle that Efron wants to use to break into mainstream and away from High School Musical. You know, what 17 Again was supposed to do. I fear he has chosen poorly and will still be stuck in this awkward limbo. It will still do well with the tween audience. I honestly hope Efron can find a good movie to star in and jump his career, he is very easy on the eyes.


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    Me thinks you will love the Dinner 🙂

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