Dinner for Schmuck’s

I apologize to those people who I was supposed to see this with, I might have snuck into the theater and saw it for free. But I am not fully admitting to that….lol Nope, not me. Didn’t see anything here!

Alright, I went into this movie excited and nervous, cause the critics had disliked it (it happens a lot with comedies) but my Facebook feed had been positive for it. I also have to say that not all Paul Rudd films are my favourite, but I was going to see it because of  Steve Carrel and Zach Galifianakis. I needed to see that dinner scene. The story is simple enough, Tim (Rudd) wants to advance at work but to do so he must fit in with his co-workers. The price of fitting in? Bringing an idiot to dinner and having him or her compete for the prize of biggest loser. As fate would have it, Tim hits Barry with his car, as he’s trying to grab a dead mouse off the road. Cause Barry stuffs and poses dead mice in his free time. So even though Tim really doesn’t want to participate in the dinner, he realizes the gem that just fell into his lap. Now I won’t say much more, but as we know Barry is lonely and just wreaks havoc in Tim’s life before and after the dinner.

If you are mentally prepared for the type of humour and situations that are going to occur in this film and you love Steve Carrel, you are going to enjoy this movie. It has a bigger heart than I expected it to (at the end) and I loved loved loved the dinner scene. All the idiots at the table were great. Especially the woman. Stacey, this lady is for you. Now is this worth seeing on the big screen? No, it’s not like Old School or The Hangover. Wait, rent it or somehow see it for free. But it’s still fun enough to watch.


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  1. I felt like this was one of the few times in recent memory where the straight man (Rudd), actually holds the whole thing together. Paul Rudd’s role in most movies is to be the uptight jerk that the crazy people annoy with their….well….craziness. I felt like Rudd did more than that in this film. He moved the story along and provided comedy of his own instead of just being a punching bag for funnier characters. Galifinakis is awesome but the fact that he got third billing in this is misleading. Carrel was funny but too much at times. I could have completely done without the stalker scenes. They seemed too over the top and out of place, even in the world that Barry lives in. I feel like this was a mediocre script that works only because so many talented people were attached to it. The actors MAKE it work. I’m trying to think of any movie I’ve seen where even the smallest characters seem to be giving their all. If it weren’t for the great job by the leads and a stellar supporting cast, this wouldn’t have been good at all. There is no one “die-laughing moment” but it’s a lot of chuckles from beginning to end.

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