Date Night

Thank you Allison for inviting me over to see this movie!! It comes out this Tuesday to video and I had be intrigued to see it since it was in theaters. But I also knew it was only a movie I wanted to rent, cause comedies really aren’t the type of movie that is must-see on the big screen.

The premise centers on Phil and Claire Foster who are married with kids and are in a relationship/dating rut. They are the best roommates ever but the romance has pretty much disappeared. So they decide on their scheduled date night that they are going to drive to New York City and have a great romantic night. Sadly for them, happily for us, they are victims of mistaken identity and their night turns into a dangerous happenstance of events filled with danger and comedy.

The movie was funny, not outrageous, but there was a certain dance scene which made me laugh a lot. I identified with how tired life makes a person and felt for the characters. I liked the inter-play between Carrel and Fey, and thought that although they lacked romantic chemistry, their comedic chemistry was great and that carried the movie. There is also a fun cameo with Mark Wahlberg, an old client of Claire’s who hates wearing shirts and has abs of steel. LOL I would definitely rent this when it comes out on Tuesday. Further, watch the movie to the very end because there are outtakes during the credits and I laughed even more during those!


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