Released to DVD This Past Tuesday!

I am a few days behind but I am in time for your weekend renting! Mua ha ha ha ha!!!! This week is a fairly light week, so if nothing tickles your fancy, you can get a slightly older title that has been out for a bit (like Kick Ass).

Death at a Funeral–I saw this movie when it was released to the theaters. It is a remake of a British comedy of the same name. Personally the original is much better than this adaptation, but the story lines are so similar you could rent either, depending on your preference for British humour or black humour. This adaptation stars Chris Rock, martin Lawrence, Tracy Morgan and Danny Glover as relatives who come together at the funeral of Rock’s father. What starts out a somber event turns into chaos as old resentments, blackmail and old romances come to the forefront. Plus there’s midget humour in this, which I love 🙂

Date Night–I already reviewed it last weekend and I liked it! Pick it up if it’s in, you won’t hate me for recommending it!


~ by xine23 on August 12, 2010.

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