Diary of a Whimpy Kid

I took a chance, I am not going to lie, with this one. The trailer made the movie look funny and I still have some solid memories of middle school, so I thought I could relate.

The movie centers on middle school kid Greg Heffley. It’s his first day of middle school and because he hasn’t hit his growth spurt, he’s definitely going to have some challenges. Being self-aware, Greg tries to do whatever he can to rise in popularity and have his picture in the school yearbook. What this movie captures well is the hyper-awareness kids at that age have of what other people think of them and how much popularity matters.How does one navigate who your friends are from elementary while trying to find the clique you want to belong to? I remember this transition well.

What this movie is missing, is heart. After watching Greg abuse his best friend over and over again plus all the plotting he does to get popular instead of being himself, I started to get really annoyed with him. He had no remorse over how he was treating other people and didn’t get that his popularity might be dropping because of his actions towards others. Sadly, in the end, there was very little redeeming qualities in Greg and I was left feeling unsatisfied with the movie.

Overall, I would just stay away from this movie. The funny moments do not make up for the lead character’s lack of moral standing and his despicable treatment of the people around him. Instead, go watch something cool, like Kick Ass.


~ by xine23 on August 19, 2010.

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