New Releases this Weekend!

The big title this weekend is The Switch.  Starring Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman, it’s a rom-com about a guy who loves his best female friend and might be the father of her child due to a drunken mishap with her sperm cup. The trailers make it look cute and I will be seeing it tomorrow night with my friends 🙂 Early reviews say it’s predictable and funny, with good support characters. I bet it will translate better to rental, but looking at the other movies out this week, this is my only choice.

For the families, there is Nanny McPhee 2. I don’t know much about the plot, but the original was cute. But personally I will only see this as a renter or when the cable channel airs it for free. For those looking for a laugh (maybe??) there is Lottery Ticket. About a young man who wins the $37 million dollar lottery and his opportunistic neighbors decide to cash in with him. Or if you arein the mood for something scary, with probable nudity, there is Piranha 3D. The trailers have made this movie look funny more than scary, but kudos to those people who love those cheesy horror films! (I am thinking of my old co-worker Liz for this one 🙂


~ by xine23 on August 20, 2010.

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