Movie Theatre Releases! Weekend of September 3rd 2010

This weekend three distinctly different movies are being released and I think the George Clooney one will be the leader this weekend, but I could be proven as some chick flicks do really well and there is the sleeper hit potential in Machete.

The American looks like an intriguing movie–Clooney plays an assassin who hides out in France for “one last job”. As we all know this is the job that is the killer and it looks like, from the trailers, that  Clooney’s character finds a love interest. Now my instinct asks, is this woman to be trusted, or is she there to ultimately kill or corrupt him? Now as for whether or not I will see it in the theater, I am not overly interested. It looks more like a drama and that is more rental for me. I am going to wait and see what the people around me say before diving into this one.

If you are more in the mood for a rom-com, then there is Going the Distance with Drew Barrymore and Justin Long. A cute early 30-ish couple who try to keep their relationship alive as one lives in Chicago and the other in Las Angeles. The best thing this movie looks to have going for itself is the supporting cast–with Long’s roommate. In all the trailers he looks hilarious! This was also the movie that Barrymore and Long got together in real life, so there is a possibility they will have strong on-screen chemistry. Now will I see it in the theatre? Maybe. If I have a girlfriend who wants to see it with me, I will go. Will I say to someone “Let’s go see this!”, not likely.

Lastly there is this odd-ball action flick called Machete. The film is by Robert Rodriguez, who is well-known for his action movies, is back at it again! With an all-star cast,  lead by the lesser known Danny Trejo, an immigrant turned renegade is framed and must clear his name. Violence ensues!!!! If you have seen a Rodriguez film (El Mariachi, Desperado) then you know what you are in for, where the story takes place (Mexico) and the cheesy action-filled adventure you are on! This movie is for a specific niche group of movie-goers but are they hardkore enough to get this movie to #1? Only time will tell!! As for myself, I am going to pass. I like the films Rodriguez has done in the past but I am not an avid fan.


~ by xine23 on September 3, 2010.

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