New Releases to the Movie Theatre today!

Today is a good day at the theatres, which is nice because I want to SEE something darn it! And you have seen some of the trailers here, so you will know where your choices (and mine) will be.

Let’s start with my obvious favourite Easy A. I am so very excited to see this coming of age flick with Emma Stone. She looks amazingly funny in this, and I find the idea behind this movie to be inventive and fresh. I am waiting a week to see this so I can spend quality time with a good friend, but we are both very stoked about the film. The story of the movie follows a teenage girl who fake loses her virginity to help her male friend out. Soon she becomes the talk of her high school for besmirching her reputation. Antics ensue!

Next is some good family fare with Alpha and Omega. It’s an animated flick about two different wolves who are forced to bring peace to their pack…as long as they can survive each other. It looks like predictable animated fare, and with Hayden Panettiere being involved (let’s just say I hated her last film….a LOT). But Justin long co-stars, so who knows??? I am going to wait to see this as a rental but the families will be excited to get out and see this.

And if you thought the drama crowd was going to be left out, you are wrong my friend! The Town starring Ben Affleck, John Hamm, Chris Cooper, Jeremy Renner and Blake Lively comes today as well! And this one I feel might win the box office race against Easy A. Or it might have the best shot. The premise of this movie centers on Doug MacRay(Affleck), a bank robber, who starts a romance with one of his hostages…only she has no idea who he really is. Hamm plays the lead investigator of the case, hot on MacRay’s trail. Since this movie is done by the same people who made Gone Baby Gone I expect this to be sad, dark and not necessarily having a happy ending. But the story will be so good, you won’t mind. I am very tempted to see this in theatre.

Lastly is my highly unanticipated Devil. Why so unanticipated? One name: M. Night Shyamalan. 5 strangers are stuck in an elevator, one of them is the devil. Scares ensue. Now I dabble with M. Night movies before and have been burnt so many times I can’t do it. I can’t. I will not see this unless every single one of my friends tells me they loved it more that Star Trek. Until then, no dice! I know I am negative but I feel affronted that M. Night still gets money to make films.


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