New to DVD Today

Today is a good day for rental! An excellent action flick and the funniest film from the summer! Get your butts to you local rental store, even if it’s going out of business, and rent these titles!!

Ironman 2–Tony Stark is back and just as arrogant as the first one. Only this time he is dealing with the effects of coming out to the public as Ironman. Further he is having adverse reactions to the Ironman suit. Enter a big nemesis in the form of Mickey Rourke and Stark is on the defense in every area of his life. I enjoyed this film the second time around and will be picking up my pre-order today!

Get Him to the Greek–This was the funniest movie of the summer hands down!! Russell Brand and Jonah Hill pair up as the most unusual road trip pals ever!! This movie is random, the plot is obviously thin but that doesn’t matter. It’s the moments the two share on the largest, most insane road trip. If you liked The Hangover or Forgetting Sarah Marshall you will really enjoy this movie.


~ by xine23 on September 28, 2010.

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