Karate Kid, Beauty & the Beast and Nightmare on Elm Street Release!

What are you in the mood for this week? A good family flick that’s also an inspiring tale? An old favourite that has just been re-released? Or do you want to get scared out of your wits??

The remake of the Karate Kid comes out this week! It did very well in the theatres, so I can assume it will be highly rented this week. So I would run out before Friday hits to get your copy if you want it for the weekend! I have to say I was genuinely impressed with this movie. I was hesitant on Jaden Smith as the lead, but he really did a great job in the role. I like the change of country as the backdrop for the movie. It made its audience feel out-of-place with the hero of the movie. Further it was nice to see Jackie Chan in a role in which he is the mentor as opposed to the lead who can do unbelievable things. Yes the movie is cheesy, but overall it’s a good film and I highly recommend the rent or purchase!

Next A Nightmare on Elm Street, another remake, comes out! The original scared me so badly when I was ten, that seeing this movie in the theatres was not an option for me. I still have a high-functioning imagination, so I am going to have to watch this during the day, to say the least. I know that Tina’s death scene looks as scary as the original, so I need as much time as possible between watching it and falling asleep. I think this movie will also rent well, especially since it is so close to Halloween. It will do well with those who love the original and all the teenagers wanting a good scare. I know I will be picking it up this week.

Lastly Beauty & the Beast is being released from the Disney vault! Besides the Lion King, this is my favourite “new” Disney animated film from my teenage-hood. I plan on running out and buying it tomorrow! How can I not? A piece of my chi


~ by xine23 on October 4, 2010.

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