The Social Network

This movie wasn`t on my radar to see initially. I thought to myself `this seems like a movie that is commenting on things I do`not realizing it was the creation of Facebook and the history of Mark Zuckerberg. Then when I found out that portions of the movie and dialog came from court transcripts I was very interested. The movie start Jesse Eisenberg as Zuckerberg, an extremely intelligent, overly-confident, arrogant individual who just happens to be a genius when it comes to computers, coding and creating innovative sites. Eisenberg is inspired casting as Zuckerberg, his dialog is smart, fast, fresh, intelligent, condescending and hypnotizing. I feel he captures the essence of how Zuckerberg is probably perceived in real life. Eisenberg portrays all the nuances I would expect, you flip between being in awe of him, to hating him, to wanting to see what he does or says next. Overall, very good job by Eisnberg and I hope this is the vehicle that will finally get him better roles for the future. The other surprise casting was Justin Timberlake as Sean Parker–the guy who created Napster. I thought the choice of a music talent being the guy who changed the face of the music industry, and who played the part so convincingly, was amazing. Timberlake is great in this role as the smarmy, fast-talking guy who sees the potential in Facebook and snaps at the opportunity it is. Very good job.

I really liked the beginning of the movie, where you see what motivates Zuckerberg, how he creates Facebook and the true genius behind it. I liked the fact that this movie didn`t try to dumb down the dialog, the discussions on coding, didn`t soften the perception of Zuckerberg. You are left feeling conflicted. You see the genius of Zuckerberg, but you also aren`t sure you actually like who he is and how he treated the people on his road to success. In the end, I suppose I feel sorry for him, as he seems very much alone, not only in his intelligence but also because of his arrogance.


~ by xine23 on October 11, 2010.

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