You Again Review

Earlier I had said I didn’t want to see this movie. But being me, a girl, I did. I know, I know, I pan things then give them a chance. I can’t help it!! Besides, I am a sucker for formulaic chick flicks. It’s my weakness.

That being said, I was nervous about this movie. I was bullied in elementary school and I wasn’t sure I was going to like seeing Kristen Bell get tortured in flashbacks. I love Betty White and that was the one thing the movie had to draw me in. As you know, Kristen Bell isn’t my favourite actress. But in this movie I was pleasantly surprised. I thought she did a great job being insecure, and being dorky in her flashbacks. The story is straight-forward, Marni was tortured by Joanna in high school. As fate would have it, Joanna has met and fallen in love with Marni’s brother and they are getting married. Hijinks ensue.

I thought this movie was a lot more tame than I thought it was going to be–the torture scenes in high school were rough, and it made you feel for Marni’s character, but it didn’t make me furious or overly angry. It was the right amount of malice. I also liked Jamie Lee Curtis and Sigourney Weaver as old rivals from high school. It set a nice balance to the movie and kept with the thee of forgiveness and getting to know someone for who they are now. The movie actually had a message and I liked it. In the end, the movie was funny (some very big surprise funny moments)(specifically a song sang at the rehearsal dinner), sweet, and was a good watch. It might not be theatre-worthy but when it comes out to rent, it’s a solid choice.


~ by xine23 on October 18, 2010.

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