RED Review

Went to see RED last night with Shaun for his birthday. We both had heard good things and basically knew it was one we were going to like it. It has an all-star cast with Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, John Malkovich, Mary-Louise Parker and Morgan Freeman.

The story centers on retired CIA agents, who are bored to tears in their retirement. Thankfully the CIA has labeled then RED–Retired and Extremely Dangerous. They were part of a mission that has become too sensitive for them to know about and must be killed off. So they get the old gang back together to save their lives and bring to light what is happening.

This movie balances humour and action equally, with success. It has fantastic, over-the-top fighting sequences, eye-popping explosions, making the movie worth the money just for that! But the movie also has hilarious self-referential humour, that oozes from every character in the movie. The funniest is Marvin (Malkovich) who was being forced to take daily doses of LSD for year. He is now so paranoid, he thinks everyone is following him and trying to kill him. He also has a special love for guns and weaponry and that makes certain scene incredibly funny. Victoria (Mirren) is almost too well-adjusted to her retirement, so when she breaks out the guns and action, it’s even more fun and exciting.

Overall, this movie is meant to be see in the theatre. I would go out now. No really, go. It’s so good.


~ by xine23 on October 19, 2010.

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