Dylan Dog Trailer

I randomly clicked on this trailer, curious about what this movie could be. It had Brandon Routh on the poster, so I was kind of excited, but it could be indie, which isn’t my cup of tea. Nope, this movie is about a supernatural investigator. And the trailer is really good. I laughed a lot and enjoyed their spin on the undead and other monsters.

Favourite lines: “Oh my god, what’s wrong with my arm??” “Max, it’s a loaner.” “My arm is brown.” “They didn’t have Caucasian in your size.” LOL!!!!

Dylan Dog is coming out April 29th. There is probably a good chance I will catch this at the theatre because (and this is sad to say) nothing else will be out that I want to see.


~ by xine23 on March 10, 2011.

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