THOR Review

What’s this, a movie review on my movie blog??? I know, it’s been a long, long time. But I love the summer movie season, and since it has started I have seen some really good films!! I saw THOR last night and I was impressed with how much I enjoyed it. Directed by Kenneth Branagh, this film has a lot more story and a solid background, than the average superhero film (minus Spider-man, if you want my honest opinion). We start off the film with Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) in hot pursuit of anomalous twisters in New Mexico. There she literally hits the movie’s main character THOR (Chris Hemsworth) with her car. This moment creates a great sense off occasion and a general “what the heck just happened??”. Of course the audience is in the know—she just hit a God. Then the movie flashes back to THOR and his brothers when they are young, living in Asgard. There, in this introductory five minute look at THOR’s past, the movie is set-up. You meet his brother Loki and you see the dynamic between the two brothers who are vying for their father Odin’s (Anthony Hopkins) love, approval, and ultimately the chance to be Asgard’s next King. This moment sets up a movie that is filled with fun and fantastical action sequences, love, betrayal and finding yourself.

I won’t get into too many more plot details, as I feel this is a worthy movie for people to see. I enjoyed this film on several levels. I am a junkie when it comes to smart and artistic action sequences. This movie has them in abundance. You really get a sense for THOR’s abilities and passion for fighting, when you see him fight throughout the movie. Further, he has four comrades in battle, including a kick-ass female, all who have cool talents. Plus his brother has some very cool abilities, even if he prefers to not to fight when winning a battle. Yes some of the fights are very computer animated, but I don’t feel it detracted from the movie. You need to see overly-large or strong foes for THOR because of his abilities.

I enjoyed the sub-characters in this film. Kat Dennings and Peter Saarsgard were great as fellow scientists who are helping Natalie Portman’s character figure out the science behind the cyclones occurring in the dessert. I especially love Dennings, as she is sarcastic, silly and good comic relief during important parts. I also loved some of the lines THOR says when he is on Earth and attempting to adjust to life there. My favourite, to indicate he is hungry is: “This mortal body grows weak!! I need sustenance!!” I think that might just be my new way of expressing my own personal hunger from now on.

Lastly, I think the story is strong. It takes up a good chunk of the movie and really drives the character. You see where he begins, as a spoiled, passionate yet immature man who, through being banished for rash actions, learns how to be a man and learning when the right moment is to fight. Although I felt the love story was kind of silly, and almost detracted from the film, overall, I really enjoyed the movie and feel it will become part of my movie collection when released.


~ by xine23 on May 31, 2011.

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