X-Men: First Class Review

I went into this movie feeling excited, I had heard many good things about it. Still, there was the looming third film that plagued the back of my mind. The movie starts off with a familiar scene, Erik (aka Magneto)’s internment into the concentration camp. But then takes the audience further, showing that Erik’s bending of the gates attracts Dr.Schmidt (Kevin Bacon), who is the arch nemesis of the film. Then the film flips to Charles (Professor X), and shows a youthful, hopeful character, who is already confident in the abilities he possesses.

The film then jumps to the end of the ’60’s and you see Erik and Charles set on very different paths, one on a track to avenge his brutal past and the other graduating from Oxford University and defending his thesis on mutation. I won’t go into much more, because the journey of the movie is what makes it fun.

I enjoyed the film for its back stories on all of the mutants and other characters. I really enjoyed seeing the new mutants and see what powers they had. The film showcased them well and also effectively illustrated the fun of discovering them and the joy of having the freedom to show them off among friends. Seeing Emma Frost turn into diamonds was fantastic, watching Azazel flash in and out, with such destructive force was awe-inspiring. I liked meeting the young Raven, who will eventually turn into Mystique. To see her struggle with her looks and her identity, while not being the bad-girl she eventually becomes is fun.

I like the time this film was set in as well. I loved the clothes, the cars, everything. It gave the film an authentic feel. Plus, I enjoyed seeing Erik in those clothes, as they suited him really well. He reminded me of a hotter Don Draper.

This movie is a must-see for any action, summer blockbuster movie lover. You will love the mutant back story. You will enjoy the storyline. You will enjoy seeing a bunch of new mutants and the experience of seeing them learn to hone their skills. You will also enjoy seeing this all-star cast come together. James McAvoy is great as Charles Xavier, very subtle transitions from a young man into the cautious yet understand man he will become. Michael Fassbender made the movie for me. His portrayal of a young and vengeful Magneto is spot-on. He exudes the right mixture of anger and angst. And sex appeal. He’s delicious to eyes. Lastly, Kevin Bacon as the big bad is great. He is scary, smart and fearless. All great qualities in a villain. He pisses you off so badly, you are dying for Erik to kill him. And yet you know if he does, he will lose his soul in the process. All so good.

So stop reading this, and get out there and see this!!!


~ by xine23 on June 11, 2011.

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