Cameron Diaz Goes Bad!

Saw Bad Teacher on Sunday and I enjoyed it! The casting was spot-on, the humour was exactly what I expected it to be, and yet I still enjoying it!

Cameron Diaz is great as Elizabeth, a teacher who is dumped by her fiance, forced to return to teaching and is extremely angry about it! You are thrown off at first because she acts exactly the way you wish you could but can’t and does the least amount of teaching possible, by showing movies every class. She is a-moral, self-centered and classless, and you love her for it because you know going into the movie that she can only get better.

Enter a love interest! Elizabeth convinces herself that she needs to get bigger boobs to attract him, and starts pilfering money in any manner she can to get them. Her road to ‘redemption’ is paved with lies, impersonating people, theft and drugs. I especially liked Jason Segel as the gym teacher, who becomes Elizabeth’s confidant and friend, as she tries to pursue the hot new substitute teacher. He is cool, he is funny and you wish you could be his friend too. Plus, he’s kind of cute!

Overall, you get exactly as advertised. The movie is raunchy, it has funny moments and it’s sweet! I would definitely recommend this movie!


~ by xine23 on June 28, 2011.

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