Amazing Spiderman Trailer #1

Alright so to start off, I feel this re-launch is too soon. I mean the first Spider-man movie is still fresh in my brain. It is going to be next to impossible to not compare this to the Tobey Maguire flick! That being said, I loved this trailer, I love the casting they have done and I feel drawn in. Let’s discuss some elements that we see in this trailer:

1. They make Andrew Garfield look younger than what he is in the beginning of the trailer. He looks messy, lost and kind of emo. And that works. But the messy hair at Gwen Stacy’s doesn’t so much.

2. Since I only know of Spider-man through the previous movies, I not of his parents ever being around! And what is up with his dad’s briefcase?? Why does it lead him to Oscorp??? So many questions! But great casting there with Campbell Scott. And you really get a sense that his parents leaving him have left him feeling like a loner.

3. Martin Sheen as Uncle Ben??? He’s not that old! But I like him as an actor and he does have that fatherly vibe, someone whose word you could see Parker taking to heart.

4. Emma Stone is pretty awesome as Gwen Stacey. She has the acting depth needed for this role. I find it kind of cute that she is the one who has noticed Peter, and not the other way around (as much). But I am biased. I love Emma Stone so much. She makes every movie fun to watch 🙂

5. My main complaint of the trailer is the end, when you are in the eyes of Spiderman, jumping from building to building. It feels like a video game, and it make me feel nauseous.

So enjoy the trailer! Let me know what you think!!!!


~ by xine23 on July 21, 2011.

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