Captain America Review

This movie, for me, was my second favourite super hero flick since Spider-man came out in 2002. I loved the originally Spider-man film with a passion that I was unsure any other super hero movie could compare with. I liked the first Ironman, I enjoyed Thor, Batman is just plain cool, but they lacked the heart that the first Spider-man contained. I think it’s because I can identify with Peter Parker so well. Enter Captain America. This movie did it right.

First, they give you a great background on Steve Rogers (played by Chris Evans). Here is this young man in 1942 who badly wants to serve his country and go to Europe and fight in the war. Unfortunately Steve has asthma, is short and scrawny. He is not army material. This does not get Steve down. He goes from post to post, trying to enlist, and is continuously turned away. As luck would have it, he possesses qualities a certain doctor is looking for in a test subject for the perfect super soldier–he has bravery, heart and he doesn’t know when to quit. He’s a superb guy. I really liked seeing the transformation of Rogers turning into this big brawny guy but having respect for the powers he now possesses. He’s the perfect underdog. The way the story plays out, I found myself drawn in and identifying with Rogers. I really liked the guy!

Second, I felt the casting all around was stellar. Tommy Lee Jones as Colonel Chester Phillips was great. He provided the egging-on that was required for Roger’s to prove himself, as well as the much needed comic relief during tense moments. he made every man under him strive to be better and he was shrewd but loyal. Hugo Weaving was also great casting as Johann Schmidt (aka The Red Skull). I have loved Weaving since The Matrix and feel he was the right person to be brainy and insane. Lastly, the casting of Hayley Atwell was a bit of a surprise to me. She is a relative unknown, but carried the part well. At no point did I not believe she was tough as nails.

I even really enjoyed the action sequences of the film. Being a staunch Canadian, it is sometimes hard to swallow the in-your-face American pride that occurs in a lot of movies, but for this film it didn’t register as much. Yes, certain scenes were cliché and cheesy. But it worked. The movie itself is cheesy. I like it!

I would say there is both a good story and great action. Plus, as the end of the credits there is The Avengers trailer, which is pretty awesome–it gave me chills!! So get out there and see this!


~ by xine23 on July 23, 2011.

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