Transformers 3 Review

I went into this movie feeling nervous because the second one was a little over the top, too long and had a convoluted storyline. It wasn’t the best. So with mixed emotions I went to the midnight screening with my friends.

I must say that in comparison to the second movie I was pleasantly surprised at how much more I liked it, but I still didn’t like it as much as the first movie. He movie starts off with Sam, living with his hot new girlfriend, looking for a job, as he has recently graduated from university. He is struggling. He is poor, he has a girlfriend who has a great job and is in general feeling emasculated. Even his parents aren’t helping, putting pressure on him, asking why he hasn’t found a job. Having gone through this in my life personally, I identified whole heartedly with Sam’s struggle.

From here the storyline takes off. Sam is sucked back into the world of the Transformers. Another Prime has been found on the moon and Optimus gives him life. New Decepticons emerge and a struggle for Earth ensues.

I liked this movie for its action. Honestly, Transformer movies have phenomenal action sequences other movies wish they could produce. I love watch these robots fight, it feels so realistic. There was a battle scene on the highway which blew my mind—Decepticons were flipping cars over left and right and all you could was react. Further, there were new Decepticons that were introduced and they were scary and awesome all at the same time! I loved the one that eats up buildings. Its tentacle freaked me out and entranced me all at the same time!

I also liked this movie because of its humour. When Sam is going to interviews, when you see him get a medal of bravery and meet his current girlfriend, or when he is in the bathroom with one of his co-workers—the humour was right on the mark and helped elevate the mood of the audience after serious or high-action scenes. It was nice to get the humour back, and his it from people and not from Transformers. This was a critical element, and it worked.

I wasn’t pleased with Sam’s girlfriend. I am sorry, I did not feel the chemistry between the two and to be honest I didn’t understand why Sam liked her. Sure, she’s hot. But she is not quirky nor fun and Sam needs a cute quirky girl over someone who is just hot. Michael Bay, please get over this whole hot girl thing you have. Audiences with substance want someone they believe would be with Sam!!! And she ain’t it!

I liked the casting in the film overall. I liked Ken Jeong as the insane co-worker, John Malkovich as the crazy boss and Patrick Dempsey as the girlfriend’s boss. I was thankful that Shia came back as Sam, as well the people who play his parents. Further we still get to see Josh Duhamel and Tyrese Gibson, people you have grown to care about and want to see where they are!

Overall, I would encourage people who love high action films or people who love the Transformers franchise to see this. It’s a great instalment in the story!


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  1. All in all, all of the personality and charm of the series was zapped away in an attempts to produce this last movie is action-packed as you possibly can. It’s a shame to find out something that you’ve grown up with, learned to like, taken and twisted into somebody’s ‘vision.’ I mean, why bother adding your own unimportant scenes to the film, when you’ll find perfectly great ones in the book that you just did not bother employing at all? There’s no…bonding with the characters, no connection with them you felt in Element 1. I didn’t feel the adore for this film like I had with the book. There was just so much significance that was left out of that movie, and it’s such a shame. It had such likely to become a great film, and it fell short all since of the alterations that were unnecessarily created.

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