Crazy, Stupid, Love Review

I went into this movie hopeful, the reviews I had heard from sources I trusted were all good. Well let me concur with them and raise it up a notch–this movie is amazing!!! It has everything–comedy, sadness, great music, a fantastic cast, twists you don’t see coming. It really pulls at your heart strings, all while making you laugh out loud! If you are still sitting here and not dropping everything to see this movie, there is something wrong with you!!

Meet Cal (Steve Carell)–a loving father and husband. Cal, in the process of living as a family man, has lost his manhood, which has not gone unnoticed by his wife Emily (Julianne Moore). Emily, feeling disconnected from Cal, asks for a divorce, and Cal’s world crumbles. The move centers on how Cal deals with the betrayal of Emily, his journey in finding himself again, all while trying to help his kids through this difficult time.

My favourite things about this move are, first, the music. It’s a good mix of old and new. Songs are used to help portray characters, like Jacob (Ryan Gosling), the womanizer/cad who is helping Cal find himself again. There is a great moment where Cal finally has things “click” and then the music that represents Jacob is used in a scene with Cal instead. Very effective.

Two, I loved, loved, loved the cast. Steve Carell has this unique ability to portray vulnerability all while being incredibly funny. This was very important to help drive the story and not make the audience feel depressed! Ryan Gosling was so funny as Jacob, the womanizer. Gosling is such a character actor, that when the moment required it, he was able to be vulnerable, confused and sweet. He didn’t make you hate Jacob for treating women like objects, which is no small feat! Emma Stone, who is Hollywood’s “it” girl right now, was so sweet as this strong, no-nonsense woman, who challenges Jacob to be a better man, all while allowing herself the ability to be open to this new relationship. The kicker though? Was Jonah Bobo, who plays Cal’s son.  He never crosses the line into creepy in his interactions with his love interest, he simply comes across as sweet, naive yes hopefully romantic. Oh and brave!  He was the highlight of the movie, and I even loved his freckles!!

Third, I love the subtle yet effective humour in this movie. Steve Carell delivers a lot of it, during the process of his manhood transformation, but Marisa Tomei is classic as the slightly off-kilter possible love-interest for Cal. Her ability to be vulnerable and yet insane made for some really enjoyable moments. I love the way Jacob talks, even that made me laugh. And the Dirty Dancing reference was funny and adorable. But my favourite was the fight between all four men near the end of the movie. In that scene I laughed so hard I was tearing up! It was so unexpected and so funny, you couldn’t help but love it.

So again, go and see this movie! You will be very surprised how much you will like it!!


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  1. Had its moments of real honesty but then was soon bogged into just some terrible schmaltzy moments that didn’t seem genuine at all. However, the cast helped me through a lot of the eye-rolling scenes. Good Review!

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