Three Horror Movie Trailers

With Halloween coming up the quotient of horror movies releasing to theatres is increasing and I must say I am excited for some of these. First up is The Thing. A remake of a classic film yes, but it does look deliciously scary and isolated. This will not be a popular opinion but I feel the original is so outdated now that it is fine for it to re-done if it is done correctly. The cast in this film are mainly unknowns, which I hope means that the money went into the story and special effects. The trailer itself seems to mimic the original film closely. I am hoping that this interpretation is slightly bloodier, the alien is less ridiculously looking and that you still get the same sense of isolation and fear.

The Thing releases October 14th.

Next we have Paranormal Activity 3. If you have followed this blog at all, you will know that I find these movies scary as shit. Even though the second one was predictable, I found it to be scary still. For the third installment, the producers are doing it right by going back to the very beginning and looking at how the hauntings started and seeing what was mentioned in previous movies about the girl’s past. My favourite moment was when they called for Bloody Mary–remind me never to do that. Ever!

Paranormal Activity 3 releases October 21st.

Lastly we have a british ghost story called The Awakening. This one centers in post World War I, where the supernatural is considered mysterious and almost anyone can fake a ghost. Hoax exposer Florence Cathcart visits a boarding school to explain sightings of a child ghost. Things turn scary and it looks like the audience will be left wondering if it is a real haunting or not. I think this one looks the best of the three. Very moody, dark and slightly sinister. I just hope they keep the ending to be more supernatural in nature.

The Awakening releases November 11th.


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