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If you are an avid reader of my reviews, you know I always preface them with how I feel about the movie before watching it. I feel it’s important for someone to know how you feel about, because sometimes high or low expectations change your perception of the film. That being said, I went into this re-make nervous as heck. I love the original with Kevin Bacon. Absolutely love. For me to even consider liking this movie, it had to have some elements of the original, done in a respectful way, elements of its own, without going too far. And I have to say, they did it!

The story in the film stays very close to the original–the small town of Bomont outlaws dancing, loud music and sets a strict curfew for all youth after a crash kills five of their local teenagers. Three years later, Ren McCormack, played by Kenny Wormold, arrives and chafes under the harsh laws he never had to experience in Boston. As he makes friends with good ole country boy Willard and the local  reverend’s daughter Ariel, he finds he is not the only teenager who hates the over-protective rules.

I liked this movie for many, many reasons. I liked the use of music–it was a good mix of songs from the original movie and new music. The movie opens with the original Footloose song, and my favourite moment–when Willard is taught how to dance–Let’s Hear it for the Boy plays. All of this ties the remake to the original. I found the rest of the music to be a mix of dance and country, helping the movie find its own groove, so to speak.

I liked the casting–the leads (Kenny Wormold and Julianne Hough) are basic unknowns, but both of them are excellent dancers. You felt the chemistry between the leads, and I didn’t find their acting to be over-much. Although I did notice that Ren’s Boston accent would come and go. My favourite character was Willard, the best friend. He was hilarious, always having the best one-liners and was the heart of the film. Dennis Quaid as the reverend was good casting, you could feel his pain when he lost his son, but also him wanting to keep his daughter safe. You loved him and you hated him. And this remake needed someone of Quaid’s status to bring clout to it.

Overall, I feel the director and producers kept in close mind the tone and feel of the movie. They knew that people who loved the original were going to see it and so it needed to have touches of the original without being the original. The use of certain music did this. Ren wearing a tie to school on his first day. His car. All little touches! When Ren is dancing out his frustrations, a lot of his body movement mimics Bacon’s from the original in certain moments. At the end, Ren wears an almost identical suit from the original film, and he and Ariel dance in a similar fashion in the end montage. All of these touches were nods to its viewers and still kept the movie in the moment.

I have to say I loved the remake, and I plan to own it when it comes to video. I hope others will go and see it and share with me their thoughts.


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  1. I totally didn’t plan on watching this because I usually REALLY dislike remakes but after reading your review I feel the need to check it out now. 🙂 Great review!

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  3. I totally didn’t plan on watching this because I usually REALLY dislike remakes but after reading your review I feel the need to check it out now. Great review!

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