Breaking Dawn Review

Before getting into this review I will do my usual prefacing. One, I hated the book. I don’t like Bella’s response to getting pregnant, how she defends the baby when she is obviously dying nor do I like the baby’s name. Further, Jacob imprinting on child pissed me off so much I am not sure I ever got over it. That being said, I went into the movie hoping they could somehow make it better and that this last book would translate well to the screen.



The first part is the grand wedding of Bella and Edward. I think the wedding was totally beautiful and romantic. Bella was stunning in her dress. She literally took my breath away. The vows were romantic and I like how they went back and forth between Bella and Edward. The reception with the speeches was really funny and cute. Especially Jessica not getting over the fact that Edward never talked to her and then having Renee getting up to sing. I wish there had been more Charlie/Bella moments, but his speech was a highlight, where he discussed owning a gun and not being afraid to use it.

The honeymoon was beautiful and romantic. The sex scene was a bit laughable for me but I enjoyed seeing the aftermath of the bed. I also liked the chess games and the sexy outfits Bella wore to entice Edward. It made me laugh and I thoroughly enjoyed it! But quickly after Bella is pregnant and the movie moved into the DISGUSTING. It was exactly the way I saw it in my head when I read the book. Bella had a gaunt emaciated look and I was so grossed out with her drinking blood that I had to look away. I felt, like I did in the book, that Bella really wasn’t in her right mind about this pregnancy. But there was a  great moment out of all of it–when Edward could hear the baby’s thoughts. Him communicating it to Bella and them laughing is really the sweetest moment. I was touched.

Now the wolves. Hah!!! OMG. When Jacob stood up to Sam I laughed–hard. It was SO cheesy!!! Did not translate well to film at all. Nor did the wolves talking to each other in general in wolf form. They were the cheesiest part of the movie, hands down. They detracted from it, to be honest. Further, the imprinting was cheese times a hundred! Jacob’s voice talking about how it felt with montages of Renesmee when she is older. At least we saw an older Renesmee, that made it feel less icky.

Overall I enjoyed it. It was much better that I expected and I didn’t feel like stabbing my eyes out! I warn people who are going and expect the movie to follow the book exactly–you will be disappointed. They take creative liberties and it gives the movie its own feel, distinct from the book.


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  1. Just got back from watching the new Twilight movie! It’s better than I expected! My best friend already downloaded it. I want to go watch again.

  2. I felt the exact same way about the wolves! lmfao I did really enjoy the movie overall though.

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