The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Trailer Review

This review is going to be biased and possibly the blithering of a fangirl. And I own it!!! I cannot express how excited this movie makes me, The Lord of the Rings are such fantastic, epic movies, that to have just one more makes my heart sing!!!!!!

The trailer starts with the music we all know and love and you see old Bilbo talking to Frodo in a voice over. Immediately I was rushed back to The Fellowship of the Ring and I like that the audience is told that the entire story has not been divulged. Snap to Bilbo as a young man, happy in the Shire and not looking for any adventure. I look forward to seeing what convinces him to go with Gandalf. I love the humour in this trailer, with Bilbo on the little horse, looking so uncomfortable! And all the names of the people who will be going on the adventure with Gandalf and Bilbo. It is not explained what they are setting out to do, but the danger of the trip is heavily impressed upon its audience. The end of the trailer is the best–you can feel the set up for the Fellowship as it is discussed that the fate of Bilbo is not to be the leader’s fault, and as well we see the ring and Gollum. I have always wondered how Bilbo got the ring from Gollum, and I am excited to see how it all transpires.

Now watch and geek out with me!!!! I might watch this trailer more than I care to admit in the coming future!!!


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