Dark Knight Rises Trailer #2 Review

The Dark Knight Rises is one of the most anticipated movies for me in 2012. I am incredibly sad that this series is coming to end because this is one super hero series that has excelled. It wasn’t cheesy and dumb like its predecessors. It didn’t pander to its audience. It was smart, it had scary villains, it kept you guessing. Plus the action sequences are second to none.

This trailer is as artfully put together as its predecessors, as it starts off with this young boy singing the national anthem. His hauntingly sweet voice sings to its audience throughout the trailer, contrasting the darkness that is infiltrating Gotham City once again. You hear Albert saying he swore to protect Bruce Wayne and he didn’t. You see Gordon being talked about being dumped because it’s peace-time–showing just how complacent the politicians on Gotham have gotten, and showing how much time has passed since the last movie. Then we meet Catwoman, but not in her sexy outfit–but in a mask (and you can see little kitty ear on her head) taunting Bruce Wayne at a ball. Wayne has obviously done something unknowingly to her and she wants blood. She warns him that a storm is coming for those in Gotham who have all the power and money, leaving nothing for anyone else. Throughout her speech we seen Bane blowing things up and you get a real sense that anarchy is about to hit Gotham.

Then the trailer really kicks off–with the prison inmates chanting “rise”, Bane’s silhouette at the football game, dread starts to hit my belly and I wonder what will happen here at this game. Then anarchy truly descends, as the football field is incinerated, leaving one lone player, all the rest having fallen into the pit (presumably dead).

I liked this trailer for the contrast it gives its viewers. I got a real sense that Gotham had restored itself to its former glory, that people had started to forget about The Joker and people had started to heal. Bruce Wayne only needed to be himself, that Batman wasn’t needed anymore. I really enjoyed the boy’s hauntingly sweet voice as the backdrop to the loss of innocence that is coming for Gotham. I liked seeing the menace from Hathaway as Catwoman, before she suits up. I am deeply curious to see the origins of her character. As for Bane, he honestly comes across as a big thug. he goes around blowing stuff up but doesn’t really seem to ooze charisma or insanity the way the previous villains have. When he speaks, his voice is hard to understand and I don’t really know if I find him frightening. I do love the sequence with the football field and how that moment sends the trailer into anarchy, which is what I am assuming the event was meant to create in Gotham.

Overall, I loved the trailer. I wish that more was given on the villains, their origins or to have seen Cat Woman in her outfit. I am excited to see where this movie takes its audience and how the movie will conclude the series for us. I am scared Batman will die, and yet if he doesn’t die it will always leave it open for another film, even if there won’t be one. I am highly anticipating the third trailer and hope it will contain more information for its audience.


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