Most Anticipated Movies for 2012

Most people will write about the movies they anticipate in order of delight. I prefer a more methidological method–going by month! It will keep me organized going into the new year.


Underworld: Awakening–I love this series, all of it! Yes even the movies that people don’t love. And yes, the first one has a special place in my heart. I love Scott Speedman and I am so hopeful he might be in this one. I know, I know everyone loves Selene but I love Michael!! And although the premise for this movie seems dicey, I am willing to play. The movies always have spectacular action sequences, and the main action hero is a kick-ass woman. All a WIN for me!

One for the Money–I have really enjoyed the books by Janet Evanovich and although Katherine Hiegl taking on the role of plucky Stephanie Plum isn’t on the top of my list, I am hopeful that the material will be rich and comedic enough to make up for what she lacks. Plus we have the embodiment of Ranger, the hottest guy ever to be written and Plum trying to arrest an old naked guy covered in vasoline. Plus Debbie Reynolds as Grandma Muzur. It should be fun!


The Woman in Black–Daniel Radcliffe’s next movie post Harry Potter and it looks pretty creepy! I love these types of films, all suspense, things jumping at you in the dark, the slow build-up. I am excited to see Radcliffe in this role, if he does well, I suspect he will have a long career ahead of him.

The Vow–A story based on a real life couple–this movie stars Channing Tatum, whom I love (minus G.I. Joe) and I am hopeful that the Tatum I love from Step Up and She’s the Man will appear in this film. You know, the one who is vulnerable, hot and funny. Plus we have Rachel McAdams as the lead female who has no memory and is trying to find her way. Rounding it out we have another male that I love-Scott Speedman! I am sure that since this movie is based off a real life couple, the ending will be a happy one, and I am intrigued to see where the story takes us.


The Hunger Games–After seeing the first trailer, I am highly anticipating this movie! I have loved the books since I was turned onto them and I like the casting for this film. I feel the lead actors, from the trailer, are able to convey the emotions I felt were necessary for the important scenes, like when Prue’s name is called during the picking ceremony. I am also a big fan of survivor-type movies, and the end bit of the trailer left my heart pounding and me desperately wanting more. This movie is part of my top 5 for the year, and I will be going to the midnight screening of it for sure! Plus my friend Shaun is coming to visit for us to see the movie together!!

21 Jump Street–I vaguely remember the TV show from my youth, and I know that the plot in this film and the characters have basically nothing to do with its TV counterpart. That being said, it looks funny and sassy. Plus, Channing Tatum is in it and I am game for almost any movie of his (minus G.I. Joe that comes out in the summer). I do not have high expectations for this film, I am just looking forward to its mindless entertainment.


American Reunion–The third installment not withstanding, I have really enjoyed this series and I am very excited that the entire cast (including icky Tara Reid) are back! I know it will be raunchy, gross, hilarious and heart-warming and I can’t wait to see where all my favourite characters wound up.

Cabin in the Woods–The first of two Joss Whedon films to be released this year!! This one looks dark, creepy and fun–as a group of 20 somethings head to a remote cabin only to fight for their lives in a simulated environment. It looks like a cross between Survivor and The Truman Show, with a little Texas Chainsaw mixed in. Whedon knows how to do horror and scares, plus he is one of the few who can write good endings to scary moments, so I am hopeful that the ending won’t suck!


The Avengers–This might be one of my most anticipated movies of the year. It’s directed by Joss Whedon, who just happens to be the creative energy behind my favourite tv show of all time–Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Then you add in all these super heroes (most notable Ironman, Thor and Captain America) and I am in heaven!! I am so excited to all the action sequences, to have an evil big bad and to have (hopefully) smart, sarcastic Whedon dialogue. This one as well deserves my attendance to a midnight screening–I might even dress up, who knows??

What to Expect When You’re Expecting–This movie was not on my radar until I saw the trailer. And then I died laughing and knew I had to see this movie! I am a self-professed afraid to get pregnant and give birth woman. It is really nice to see a movie that shows that that not all women handle pregnancy well. I also like the circle of dad’s who are expected to be equals in raising the kids and how they cope with it. All things about this movie appeal to me!


Snow White and the Huntsman–At first I was meh about it being a Kristen Stewart movie and then I saw the latest trailer. It looks dark, creepy and honestly? I think Charlize Theron makes the movie for me. She is simply disturbing as the evil queen and I hope this movie goes to some dark places with her. Plus the movie has Chris Hemsworth, and I like him in general!!


Amazing Spiderman–I must say that to re-do this movie so quickly is kind of spitting on the other movies, movies I have loved. But the trailer is pretty neat and I love both Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. Plus you have this whole background on Peter Parker that the other movies never touched on! AND! We have a villain we have never seen–the Lizard! I like the fact that this movie has focus and only has one villain. It means a strong story line. Oh yes, I will be going to this, and it will be the midnight screening.

Dark Knight Rises–Another highly highly highly anticipated movie for me!!! I am incredibly sad that this is the final movie for Batman, but these movies are just so well done that I can’t wait to see it even if it means that it will be over. I am most excited about Cat Woman–from the trailer she seems really pissed and I want to learn why. Now as for Bane, I don’t know much about this villain and right now he just looks like a thug, but I am game. I think Nolan will take him to dark places, and I want to go there with them. Again, another midnight screening for sure.


Bourne Legacy–Interestingly enough this film does not star Matt Damon and focuses on an assassin who was part of the program. Since no trailer has been released yet, I don’t have a good feel for this movie, but I have enjoyed the other ones and it has been for the stunning action sequences and intricate story lines. My fear for this movie is that this assassin will go where we have before–finding out who he is and his place in the program. If so = BORING. If it does something fresh, I am excited! Plus this movie starts Jeremey Renner and Edward Norton, all good actors. Count me in for the time being.


Breaking Dawn Part 2–I have this here, not because I am highly anticipating it, but because I know I will see it, even if this part of the book was my least favourite and felt false. I am excited to see Bella as a vampire and I am hopeful that the ending to the film has more action than in the book. What I am still concerned about is the imprinting between Jacob and icky baby Renesmee. I am more excited if Katie decides to come and visit for this movie and I can feed off her excitement!


The Hobbit–The Lord of the Rings movies were simply spectacular and Peter Jackson is back for this set of movies and I am just thrilled to pieces!!!!!!!! I simply can’t wait to see why Gandalf needs Bilbo to go with him on this quest. The trailer already foreshadows the ring and Gollum and that’s just all happiness and rainbows for me!! Plus, there is the humour mixed in with the serious and I am just this fan girl in the corner going nuts!!! I will be seeing this at a midnight screening too and am hopeful I might be seeing it with my Wifey…we were obsessed with LOTR when we lived together, so it’s only fitting that we see this together too.


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