Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Review

The books and this movie have never appealed to me–it looked very dark and violent against women and I have a hard time watching that kind of stuff. When Robert (my husband) suggested it as a movie to see I wasn’t ecstatic to see it and suggested another movie. But, being the fair wife, I said yes because he is such a good sport and sees a lot of the movies I want to see.

Going into this movie, I had never read the books, so I was unsure what to expect. I knew it would be violent, there would be a solid murder mystery but also long–at almost three hours. I got everything that I expected going in and more–the mystery in the movie is interesting and intricate and captures the attention of the audience. The mystery is only part of the movie, as the movie makes sure to develop the characters of its leads before the story is really introduced, which is one of the reasons why the movie is three hours long.

The movie starts by introducing its audience to the main protagonist Mikael Blomkvist (played by Daniel Craig)–a journalist who is asked to go to a remote Swedish island to investigate the disappearance of a young girl. Blomkvist reluctantly agrees, as he wishes to distance himself from professional trouble occurring in his life. Once he is on the island, he starts to investigate the disappearance of the girl and comes to realize that everything on the island is not what it seems. As every lead begins to hit a dead end, he finds he needs help and enlists the aid of Lisbeth Salander (played by Rooney Mara)–a talented punk hacker who is as smart and savvy as Blomkvist and the two create an unlikely friendship.

The movie was very smart, it took its time, like a fine wine, to get to the heart of the mystery. I enjoyed the background building of the two main characters. You get know both Blomkvist and Salander well in advance of getting to the mystery of the missing girl. You learn their motivations, failings and understand why this case is important to each of them. There is also a very graphic and disturbing scene that, although is painful to watch, is important in establishing the personality of Salander. The mystery itself unwinds slowly and the list of suspects is long. You are left not knowing who to trust or why the girl disappeared. At the heart of it, is a demented killer–someone who takes joy in hurting women, torturing them and killing them. You strongly want Blomkvist and Salander to find the killer and the movie does a great job in winding up to its climax.

The acting by Mara is unparalleled. She is stunningly fierce as Salander–she disappears completely into the role. She oozes intelligence, street smarts, lacking social skills and a subtle vulnerability. You don’t doubt for a second her abilities to hack into anyone’s life or cause you irreparable harm if you cross her. I feel she deserves an Oscar nod at minimum for this role, as she steals the entire movie from every other actor within it, including Daniel Craig, Christopher Plummer and Stellan Skarsgard.

Overall, if you like a good dramatic film, can handle some graphic scenes of intense personal violence and like a movie than unfolds like a fine wine, I encourage you strongly to see this. You will not be disappointed and might be like me and rush out to buy the book to immerse yourself further in it.


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