Underworld: Awakening Review

I was excited and nervous about this movie, as I am with all my favourite movie series. I knew Scott Speedman was not in this and I wondered what the story could be about considering it takes place in the future and Selene, the badest of bad vampires has been captured. It all seemed slightly off to me.

The movie starts like its predecessors, describing how things has changed in a voice over by Selene. You learn that it’s been 12 years since the last movie, that humans know of the existence of both vampires and lycans and have attacked in force. Selene and Michael are ambushed during this “cleanse”, Selene is captured and kept frozen but alive. The story picks up when she is unfrozen in a laboratory. Action and fighting ensue, which is the best part.

Overall I found the movie to be fun–it had a lot of great action sequences, Selene kicking ass, introduction of new vampires and bigger, badder lycans. Selene proves yet again that she is the most dangerous vampire around and that she is to be taken seriously. I felt the back story worked, I like how humans know about the vampires and lycans and how each camp responded differently to this new threat. To be honest I thought with how powerful each group was that they would have banded together and taken control of the humans entirely, but to make the storyline more dangerous and interesting , I understand why they did it differently. I also enjoyed the twists in this film–how you feel you know where the story is going but then a twist happens and it makes the movie much more interesting…and dangerous.

My critiques for this movie is that it isn’t long enough. It’s an hour and twenty minutes but there isn’t much story about Selene, the vampires or anything else. It’s all background story. There are some important elements that are introduced but not fully explored or explained. I wanted more, and honestly should have been given more. There was time in the movie to explain the origin of this element. Instead the audience is simply asked to accept that it exists and not to ask for more.

If you are a fan of the series, I say see it on the big screen. It has its popcorn value with the action sequences alone. If you are a rabid mythology fan you might be a little let down, but the Underworld series has always been more about the action and Selene’s tight body than about the back story.


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