Safe House Review

I went into this movie with somewhat high expectations, as it has Denzel and Ryan Reynolds in it. And not that this was a bad movie, but expectations can set a movie up to fail. This didn’t happen altogether in this case but I didn’t wind up loving the movie either.

Reynolds does a good job on being the frustrated, under-utilized FBI agent, whose loyalty could be tested. Denzel is, as always, fantastic as the morally-questionable ex-FBI agent gone rogue. The two play off each other well, which was one of the saving graces of the film.

What didn’t work was the “intricate plot” the story told. I can go along with implausible, hello–my love for modern goth is a testiment to that! What irks me is when a plot assumes the intelligence (or lack there of) of its audience and doesn’t do enough to establish a coherent background on a character. Thus when the movie is supposed to be suspenseful, the audience has already figured out everything and are waiting for the movie to catch up with them. That is the main issue with Safe House.

What Safe House does well at, is it has fun action sequences, reiniscent of The Bourne Identity. By casting Reynold’s in the action role, I believed he was capable of handling all the assassins thrown at him. I also enjoyed the ending of the film. There were enough twists, that it kept me riveted to the end.

Overall, I give Safe House a 7 out of 10. If you like action on the big screen, see it there.


~ by xine23 on February 19, 2012.

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