Gone Review

I went into this movie knowing Rotten Tomatoes had given it a 15% fresh rating, so I knew it couldn’t be that great. Thankfully this mentally prepared me for the film!

The movie starts off by establishing that Jill (Seyfried) has a few emotional issues, but is working on making her life as normal as possible to get over them. When her sister isn’t in her bed the next morning, after Jill’s overnight shift at her waitressing job, Jill leaps to the conclusion that the man who abducted and attempted to kill her her came back. With no shred of evidence to support her claim. At all. This is where the movie starts to unravel. The audience is thrown a lot of possibilities for suspects for the possible abductor (the creepily friendly Detective, the strange man at the cafe) or reasons why her sister might not be in her bed (like her old drinking problem). As the film progresses Jill spins further and further out of control and the audience is left questioning her sanity.

I found the film to be boring. The plot was weak, the red herrings were obviously fake and the ending was lame. And when I say lame, I mean it sucked hard. At no point did I feel the suspense that was supposed to accompany this film. I didn’t find myself rooting for Jill, nor did I believe she had been abducted–I felt she was crazy. If a film is to be successful, the audience needs to believe in the main character and feel their plight. This film fails on all levels.

Overall, only see this movie if you are bored. And want to subject yourself to torture.


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