21 Jump Street Review

I went into this movie highly anticipating it–from the commercials the humour was right up my alley and I was hopeful the trailers had not given everything away. I was not to be disappointed!!

The movie is exactly what you expect, two ridiculous guys who become best friends in police school, helping each other where they lack. When they graduate and get into actual police work their expectations are not what they expected and they strive to get their first bust to prove themselves. When that goes horribly wrong because they can’t remember the words to the Miranda Rights, they are sent to 21 Jump Street Undercover Division. There they are sent undercover into high school to find out the source of a new drug and take them down.

This movie doesn’t pretend to be anything other than what it is. It knows it’s a knockoff of a dramatic tv show from the early 80’s and references back to the show more than once in a tongue-in-cheek fashion that made me laugh each time. The movie has a ton of funny moments in it, so many that I can’t remember them all, which is a sign of a great comedy. I delighted in the female science teacher who is highly attracted to Channing Tatum, the drugged out moment the boys have in the school and the havoc they reek because of it, the “cool” kids who never would have been cool ten years go. Further there is a cameo in this film that blew my mind, made me giggle and made the movie even better. The film also has a heart. You feel for both characters while they struggle to succeed in the film. You root for them, even when they are being dumb and ridiculous. I think you root for them because they are ridiculous!

I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves a good comedy. You will laugh through the entire thing and if you were a fan of the original TV show, there will be little nuggets of joy to be found in many moments of the film. Go see it!!!


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