Cabin in the Woods Review

Joss Whedon is back!!!! This movie is everything it seems and yet goes deeper than the average horror movie. It is like Scream in the sense that it looks at the horror genre and turns it on its head. The movie has the quintessential players: the dumb slutty blonde (Jules), the dumb jock (Curt), the judgmental virgin (Dana), the virgin’s love interest (Marty) and the stoner (Holden). But it also has more than that, it has background players whose motives you don’t fully understand but draw you in and make you laugh at the same time.

I enjoyed this movie because it was smart. It wasn’t your typical slasher flick. Now don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of gore, this film has some pretty fun and gross death scenes. But the movie is more than that. It has a back story. The characters are more than their archetypes. Because of this the movie doesn’t go in the direction you think it would. It evolves into a deconstruction of a horror film and throws typical convention on its head. For all that, it made me enjoy the film quite a bit.

I liked the casting a lot. Certain actors who have been in Whedon productions are here (Amy Acker, Tom Lenk and Jesse Williams). Williams steals the show as Holden the stoner. He is funny, intelligent and a surprise as the story’s narrator. Kristen Connolly is another gem as the virgin lead of the story. She has the wholesome innocence needed for the role and yet has a strength that comes through near the end of the film. But the true scene-stealers are Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford as technicians working in the facility. Their moments are funny, smart and guide the film to its ultimate goal. The comedic breaks by them lighten the film and allows the audience moments of brevity.

My gripe with the film though is its ending. The way it ends is honestly unsatisfactory. There are still a lot of unanswered questions and honestly it went soft. I came up with a much better ending on the drive home! Something hinted at, and honestly should have been done. The ending this movie has makes all the sacrifice seem meaningless and the entire back story seem trite.

Overall, if you want to watch a smart horror movie, get out there and see this. This is Joss Whedon being fantastic. You can feel his touch in every scene, every moment, every joke, every sentence. It was so nice to have this feeling in a movie again.


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