The Raven Review

I went into this movie with hopeful expectations. These movies can go either way–they can be the total formula of clues and cheesy villain, or it can surprise its audience with an ending they don’t see coming. I was hopeful for the latter, sadly that didn’t happen. Now this isn’t to say that the movie was bad. No, it was fun! A little more gross than I was anticipating, but ending was lackluster. I was sincerely hoping the well-executed cat-and-mouse game that plays out in the movie would have a satisfying and clever ending. It’s just wasn’t meant to be at the level I wanted it to be at.


The movie itself was well done. It had an intricate plot, a good cat-and-mouse game and good acting. You have many suspects and it’s fun to try and figure out who has the best motive. The costuming did a great job of setting the mood, as did the sets. It reminded me a lot of Shakespeare in Love, dirty and moody. John Cusack did well in the role, he is both parts charming and pathetic as the struggling writer Edgar Allen Poe. He convey’s the darkness that lives inside the man that wrote very macabre work, especially for that time. The best part of the movie is up and coming star Luke Evans as Detective Fields. He is intense, driven and passionate, plus he’s easy on the eyes.

Overall though, the movie was just ok. It had such a smart story and plot, but, as I said earlier, it just fell flat on its face. It’s ending was disappointing, especially as someone who loves to figure out who the killer might be. My husband and I both felt that the killer was boring, albeit unpredictable. We were hoping the ending would have more of a personal touch, a better vendetta. Only see this movie to rent it, it’s not worth the money for the theatre.


~ by xine23 on May 3, 2012.

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