Dark Shadows Review

This movie has all the elements of a good Tim Burton flick–stunning visuals, great costumes, beautiful locations and a quirky story. Plus it has the usual Tim Burton cast, meaning Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter star in it. It also has Chloë Grace Moretz, a personal favourite of mine.

Unfortunately all these elements were not enough make the movie great. Now don’t become enraged or disappointed, the majority of the movie was really well done. It had a good story line that made sense. It had funny moments and good characterization. What I am saying is this–the majority of the funny parts you see in commercials. This is a big pet peeve of mine, don’t show me all your cards before I see the movie! Especially since the humour of the movie is important in transitioning Depp’s character from his old world to the 1970’s. Another thing that bugged me was that, again like The Raven, this movie was incredible predictable. It was disappointing to be able to call every moment in the movie, especially since some of the “surprises” were meant to be something people couldn’t call. Lastly, the movie had a lackluster ending. It was predictable, corny and buttoned up too neatly. I expected more! Tim Burton has done some fantastic films (Edward Scissorhands, Sleep Hollow) where the endings aren’t wrapped up in a neat little bow, where the characters don’t all get what they want. It makes it more interesting!

To counterbalance my disappointment, I will say that Depp is great as Barnabas Collins. The way he speaks is hilarious and fun to watch. Michelle Pfeiffer is great as the mother-figure who is able to subtly manipulate those around her. Moretz is fun as the tween who is discovering herself in more ways than one. Lastly, Eva Green steals the show as the vengeful witch, whose obsession with Barnabas is second to none. These actors made the movie entertaining for me, and helped save the movie from its limited story and predictable ending.

My personal feeling is that only die-hard Tim Burton fans will love this movie. It isn’t stunning enough to warrant seeing it on the big screen, so save yourself some money. I encourage you to save your money or see The Avengers again.


~ by xine23 on May 13, 2012.

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