Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Review

I feel a little foolish–the title should have tipped me off, but I was blinded, blinded by the fact that the movie was made by the people who made Wanted. But I went head-strong into the movie with expectations. Ones that sadly could not be met by this movie. Now don’t get me wrong, the movie is not a train wreck, but it isn’t awesome.

The movie starts off with a young Abe, and it twists its story around his motivations to become a vampire hunter. Oh yes, in this story of the beloved American President, vampires are very real and they ruined his family. Being the righteous lad that he is, Abe becomes fixated on avenging his parents and does it by becoming a vampire hunter. Oh and in his spare time he makes public speeches and becomes the president. And marries. But whatever.

I disliked this film for the storyline was absurd, and I knew going into it there would be vampires! Nope, couldn’t make the mental leap that Abe could hunt vampires and make public speeches/become president. A good chunk of the story could have been excused (well, not really but go with me here) if the action had been amazing, the way it was in Wanted. This is not the case. All the action sequences are contrived and not well-executed. If you want me to believe that Abe can cut through a tree trunk with an ax on his firm belief in something, you are asking too much. This movie fails because it asks, frame after frame, for its audience to extend its belief–in the vampires, the ability to become president at the same time as being a hunter, that Abe can cut down a tree in one swipe, etc. Had the movie kept itself even remotely grounded, it might have not sucked so bad. But when a movie cannot get its audience to suspend its belief, it fails.

Now, I will say that I enjoyed a good chunk of the cast. Benjamin Walker is actually really good as Abe Lincoln. I like him, he is convincing in the role, which is saying a lot because it isn’t easy to portray someone the notorious and beloved. I equally liked his side-kicks, played by Jimmi Simpson and Anthony Mackie. I thought they provided necessary comic relief and were good sounding boards for Abe. Finally, villain was fun–played the always evil Rufus Sewell (who was even more evil in First Knight).

Overall though? Skip this, don’t even rent it. Just avoid it. Seriously.

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