Batman: The Dark Knight Rises Review

I a big big fan of the Nolan Batman series. The Dark Knight just happens to be my favourite Batman movie ever. I love this series because it’s complex, it’s smart, it takes itself seriously and isn’t schlocky. All the characters are complex, as is the plot, but the end of each movie has always proven to be rewarding. Because I am such an intense fan, you can expect I was a mix of anticipation and trepidation. Would Nolan be able to end this series well? Will I like where he has taken Bruce Wayne? Can this movie’s villain be remotely as good as Heath Ledger’s Joker? Again, trepidatious.

It is safe to say that I came away very happy with the movie. It takes off eight years after the last one, and things have changed. Gotham is much safer now, has the criminals in their place and everything appears to be safer. Wayne is off the grid, as is Batman. Of course, there wouldn’t be a movie if there wasn’t a big bad on the horizon to lure Batman back into the fray. I wasn’t so sure about this new villain–Bane. I have to say that his entrance into the film is pretty awesome. You get an idea as to how ruthless this guy is, his strength and the lengths he will go to get what he wants. It’s the kind of adversary needed to get Batman back.

I liked this movie mainly because of its characters, the story was interesting, but almost fell to the background because of all the characters and how well fleshed out they were. My favourite is Selina aka Catwoman. She is smart, feisty, selfish, ruthless and pissed. I really enjoyed the duality of her character, how she could be evil one moment and selfless in the other. I loved her interactions with both Wayne and Batman. The challenge each other and it’s great to see them fight. Truly a great pairing. Plus, she kicks butt!! I love her shoes (I want a pair!) and for the guys, her tight outfits are hot. I want to see more of her!! Then we have Blake–a new detective. He is strong, thoughtful and determined. I enjoyed how he became a central figure throughout the film and where his character winds up at the end. I won’t spoil, but his last scene gave me chills. I really loved having Scarecrow back! I love how he comes back every single movie, in some form. He is delicious as he is so heartless and evil. More please! And lastly we have Bruce Wayne. This guy, you might think, has gone through it all. Well, his tangle with Bane is fierce and pushes Wayne to his limits. I feel this film closely mirrors the first movie, as it challenges Wayne to grow as a person, his thinking and challenges him to explore why he would put the suit back on.

The action sequences were glorious! I will not mince words, I am a big fan of action and this movie provided–in spades! I really enjoyed the opening scene with Bane but the kicker for me was when Batman finally emerges to fight crime again. The music and the action came together in a way that was reminiscent of the first movie but with an edge, as the police are after Batman more than the real big bad. The scene gave me chills and I might have slapped my husband on the leg in excitement!

Lastly, I want to express my love for the end of the film. So many times a movie ends poorly, just flops. I cannot express how satisfying this movie is. It ended on all the right notes with all the characters. Yes, one specific scene is predictable, but there is another scene where I was just cheering and saying things like “Yesssss!!!!” and “I called it!!!”. Nolan leaves the film on a great note and gives its audience a small feeling of hope for future films, and all I have to say is: please, yes!! Make mooorrrreeeeeee!!!!

I encourage anyone who loves the series to see this film…at least once!


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  1. You are much more lenient than I, Xine…all of what you wrote is indeed true, but I couldn’t get past the very real technical problems and plot holes. Overall, I liked the movie, but for the money they spent producing it, you would think they could figure out how to make Bane not sound like Sean Connery with a ball gag in his mouth. Aside from only catching about 70% of what Bane said, there were the enormous leaps of faith Nolan wants us to make in believing that Blake could figure out that Wayne is Batman just by looking at his eyes, and that Batman could heal up from a broken back in just 4 -5 months while stuck in prison-well. But, as you say, the characters made the movie, and aside from the completely benign, waste of screen space that was Modine, everyone else delivered. And my son loved it, so I walked away happy-lol.

    • I definitely agree about the leaps of faith, but because so much of the rest of the movie was so strong, I let it slide. I simply loved the characters in the movie and felt so invested by that point, that I wasn’t too upset by it. If something that ludicrous had happened early in the movie, I probably wouldn’t have taken the leap, but it was far enough into the movie for me to say to myself “bullshit” but not be upset at the same time. Just two different reactions to it I suppose!!

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