Man of Steel Trailer Review

This trailer premiered before The Dark Knight and at first I didn’t realize what this trailer was, and thus had to come home and re-watch it. I have to say I find it unimpressive, in fact, rather boring. I don’t see the sense in showing a fisherman in the opening montage, but that’s probably because they are trying to show its audience a clue to the storyline. Unfortunately, a man fishing isn’t riveting. Then we get to some better parts, a young boy with a red cape and his father talking in the background about the kind of man you decide to be. Now this part, is good. I am a sucker for a good heart to a story and moral fiber in my movies. And lastly we have Superman flying into the atmosphere, I guess we should be thankful it wasn’t like the Spiderman ending, where you got motion sickness from flying through New York, but him flying into the atmosphere isn’t very exciting either. Overall, I was hoping for more of a story, less obscure clues–something I could sink my teeth into and get excited about. Maybe with the next trailer.


~ by xine23 on July 29, 2012.

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