Top Films of 2012

Since I fell off the review band wagon in the summer I thought it might be nice to post about my favourite movies from last year. I was hoping it might have been an even 10, but I just didn’t feel anything beyond the 8 were worthy of my mention. I must preface this, these are the best films that I saw, and I know there are gaps, but I didn’t see everything, sadly!

hunger2The Hunger Games

I think this is one of my favourite book adaptations. I thought the casting was spot-on, especially Jennifer Lawrence, Donald Sutherland and Woody Harrelson. I know some of the book didn’t make it into the film, but I felt the most important parts were captured. It was stylishly filmed, with mute colours in the districts and vibrant colours to indicate class. It was brutal without being too violent and it made me want to see the next one fast.

Pitch Perfectpitch-perfect

This movie is a fantastic mix of Glee and Bridesmaids. It’s an ensemble piece about a female a cappella group who are trying to win Nationals. It has fun musical scenes, a lot of comedy and romance. It stars Anna Kendrick, who I have loved since Twilight. It also has the ever-funny Rebel Wilson, who has been my favourite since Bridesmaids. Yes, it’s predictable, but it also catches you off guard with its humour. I highly encourage everyone to see it.

Alex Cross

I am as surprised as you are that this made my list! Tyler Perry as Alex Cross? I mean, he looks more like the character in the book, but he pulled it off?? Why yes he did. Further, Matthew Fox is great as the psycho who plays cat-and-mouse with Cross during the film. Fox put a lot of effort into the role, his body was very in shape, he was terrifying during the moments when he was killing people and he washed away any trace of previous characters he used to play. It was great. Further, the film had great suspense, a good storyline and it seems to be the story of Alex Cross before the books start. It makes me excited that there could be future films, that will go in sequence (please??).

movie poster amazing spidermanThe Amazing Spiderman

You might be surprised this made my list considering I didn’t like it as much as the Tobey Maguire version. Still, over the films that came out last year, this movie was better than a good chunk of them. I am a sucker for action/superhero films. I admit it! This one had a great villain, played by Rhys Ifans. But particularly, I like the fact that we see Parker’s parents and that we are moving into unexplored territory. Although I still feel Garfield isn’t as good as Maguire, I am hopeful that there will be future Spiderman films that have as good story-telling, developed characters and cool villains. All of that can make up for the marginal choice of Garfield as Parker.

The Hobbit

This movie was like seeing an old friend for the first time in years. It felt fantastic to be in Middle Earth again, with Peter Jackson at the helm. The movie was a mix of funny, serious, danger and wonder. It was cool to see the world through Bilbo’s eyes–especially the hobbit he was before his adventures. I never read the books, so I cannot comment on taking a small book and making it into a 3 arc movie series. What I did feel about it was, although it had good action sequences, and good characterization, it felt like Fellowship of the Ring a good chunk of the time. It felt repetitive. Especially how Bilbo comes across the powers of the ring, it was like Frodo all over again. But that one thing aside, I still loved the movie and plan on owning it.


Seriously, the best Bond film I have ever seen. Now I will say that I haven’t seen them all, but even against Casino Royale, I liked this one more. It had good action, a fantastic cast, a villain that rocked my world and the storyline was very personal. It is rare that movies hit all these notes. It was like watching someone sing a song beautifully, it moved me and gave me chills. I know I will be owning this film and I highly anticipate the next one. Seriously, bravo on this Bond film. It was epic.

Dark Knight Rises

Batman does it again! I saw this movie three times, if memory serves. I was skeptical on a lot of elements in this film. Could Anne Hathaway pull off the complex character of Selena Kyle? Would I like the villain Bane? I wasn’t sure. Also, how could this film compete with its predecessor, with Ledger’s immaculate characterization of the Joker? Well, this film didn’t need to worry. It was complex, dark, yet fun and strong. Hathaway is great as Kyle, she is smart, cunning and pissed. I enjoyed watching her banter with Batman, it was some of the high points in the film. It was also enjoyable to watch Wayne mentor John Blake, a rookie officer with great instinct and a bunch of courage. The kicker, was that I called the ending to the film and it left me clapping like the fan girl that I am, at the end.

movie poster avengersThe Avengers

You read my review, but needless to say this was my favourite film of 2012. I am so so so so so so excited that Joss Whedon is back! This movie is a solid mix of darkness, danger, humour and fun. I enjoyed watching how the heroes assembled, how they interacted and fought. The sarcasm of Tony Stark makes the film lighter, better and alleviates tense moments. The Hulk is finally done right, by an actor who I enjoy. Plus, the ending led right into the next film. I am impatiently waiting Joss!! Let’s get to a sequel!!


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