Most Anticipated 2013 Movies!

I think this is my favourite blog. I love looking through Coming Soon’s website and anticipating the movies that are coming out this year! It always makes me happy to see movies I have been anticipating on my roster. I know I will be there opening weekend just thrilling over it!!! Sadly Harry Potter and The Dark Knight will never be part of my roster, but there are gems coming out that I have been way too patient waiting for!! Let’s get started!

Warm Bodies

A sarcastic zombie movie? Based loosely off of Romeo & Juliet? Yes please! It stars Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer and is coming out February 1st. I will know I will be there opening weekend, just because it looks fun, funny and slightly possibly scary! I am a wuss when it comes to zombies, ok??

movie poster good day to die hardA Good Day to Die Hard

I was wary when I heard this movie was being made–I mean the last one was a vast improvement over the third installment, but it still could go either way. Then I saw the latest trailer, and I was sold. I am still a little wary about it not being set in the USA, but Russia is a cool location. And honestly, how many terrorists can attack the USA? I like the casting and look forward to seeing how many traits McClaine’s son has picked up–does he talk to himself? Is he slightly crazy yet fun? I want to know! It comes out February 7th.

Beautiful Creatures

I never read the book, but the trailer looks pretty darn good. I like how the girl has special powers and it isn’t clear whether she is good or evil. Of course the trailer insinuates her being evil, but I think that it isn’t a matter of what is inside, but is rather a choice. It looks stylishly filmed and the romance might be cheesy, but I am hoping it won’t ruin the movie. It’s due out February 13th.

The Hostmovie poster host

I did read the book for this film and I am excited but nervous about this film. Once the book got going, it was very good. How will the cast handle the roles? Will it translate well to film? I am going to be very mad if this turns into another Twilight debacle. The trailer for it hasn’t been great, I need to see more, but with the strength of the book, I am open to see the movie and hopeful. It comes out March 29th.


This looks more like a heart warming film, chronicling the life and times of Jackie Robinson. I have a feeling it will be slow, dramatic, heart warming and I am a big sucker for the combination. The trailer sold itself to me and I am looking forward to this film. It comes out April 12th.

Ironman 3

Now we are getting into the heart of my most anticipated movies–the trailer for this film makes it look so good. I love it when Tony Stark is repentant, solemn and has created enemies. This movie feels very personal, and you know how I feel about movies when the main character’s storyline is deeply personal and strikes to the heart of their core = instant love. I am so excited to see this film, plus I love Guy Pearce and am excited to see him be evil. This installment is due out May 3rd. I will be there opening night, bet you life on that!

movie poster star trek 2Star Trek: Into Darkness

This is my most anticipated film of 2013. The first film shocked me at how much I loved it. Now that we have the back story on all the characters, I am so freaking excited to see where this movie takes us. I am so happy all the cast is back, and the trailer for it is so dark and ominous. I can’t wait to see how they look into Kirk’s ego, how they will strip him down to nothing, to build him back up, a more humble, possibly noble person. But this all speculation. I am hopeful for great action, a venomous villain and some good laughs. Oh yes, I cannot wait. This movie is due out May 17th.

Man of Steel

I am nervous about this film. No one has been able to do Superman correctly since Christopher Reeve played him. Brandon Routh did an ok job, he studied Reeve well, but the story was lacking and Lex Luther was boring. This one has a mixed bag as the cast, and I am ok with Henry Cavill as Superman, but a little nervous at the same time. Michael Shannon as General Zod is exciting though, and I am glad he will be the nemesis and not Lex Luther (yawn). The fly in the ointment is Amy Adams as Lois Lane, talk about an actress who doesn’t have the aura of a ballsy, fierce woman. She is like a wet noodle. I am disappointed in this casting choice and unless she somehow changes everything about who she is, I am fairly convinced I am going to hate her in this role. The saving grace is that Christopher Nolan is attached to this film, and since he made magic out of Batman, maybe he can do the same here. This movie is due out June 14th.

Now You See Memovie poster now you see me

This movie is on the list because the trailer sold itself so well to me. It looks like a smart, sarcastic cat and mouse movie starring Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo and Woody Harrelson. It’s nice to see Eisenberg taking on more lead role, he is talented and he can carry off sarcasm better than most. This movie looks to be smart, like it will challenge its audience. I am very excited about it, that is exactly my type of film. Plus it has magicians in it and the audience will try to figure out the ending before it happens. Awesome! It comes out June 17th.

Kick Ass 2

I am basing this anticipation solely on how great the first film was. I am hoping for the same intense action, brutal scenes, funny moments and absurd mentalities. All the original leads are back and I am hoping that Hit Girl gets a few moments at the school where the bullies are put in their place! There is no trailer for this film yet and very little information. We know who the villain of the film is, based off the ending of that last film, and I am hoping he will still be silly and funny as well as brutal and sadistic. This film is due out June 28th.

movie poster wolverineWolverine

This fan girl is nervous about this one. The last Wolverine film was too cheesy and honestly? Forgettable. Hugh Jackman has a cheesy sensibility and since he as at the helm of this film I can only guess it will be similar in nature. Still, I am going to see it and hope that this movie is more action than cheese, that we find out more about Wolverine’s past and that it has lots of fun action scenes. I plan to pass more judgement when the trailer comes out. This film is being released July 26th.


Like Kick Ass 2, there isn’t a trailer for this yet, but the original cast is back. I am nervous but excited for this film. The first one was shockingly awesome, made me laugh a lot and kept me entertained. The sequel could go one of two ways, it could either be as fun and funny as the first one, or it could feel like the same movie, re-done and be boring. So I am nervous. But with all the cast back, it makes me a bit more hopeful. Seeing the trailer will go a long way towards this. RED 2 is due out August 2nd.

Mortal Instruments: City of Bonescity of bones

This books series is one of my favourites–it is what got me back into reading. It’s dark, moody, modern gothy all the way. It could also be made in a horrible movie like Twlight, but it could also turn out awesome. The first trailer for it made it look freaking insane!! I enjoy the casting of Clary and am on the fence about Jace. But since this is a Clary-centric book, I can work with a Jace that isn’t exactly what I thought he would be. I encourage everyone to read the book series, you won’t regret it. City of Bones come out August 23rd.


I am as surprised as you are that this is on my list. I am sure it won’t be as good as the original, but considering that movie came out the year I was born, I am open to this one. Especially since Chloe Grace Moretz is the lead. This girl is as talented as they come. I am interested to see her interpretation of the character Carrie. I think the casting of Julianne Moore is also inspired. The first trailer was boring and showed nothing, but I am hopeful for the next one to show us the feel and tone of the movie. Carrie comes out October 18th.

Thor: The Dark World

I am highly anticipating this movie–this Marvel series has been really great with their stand-alone films and The Avengers. This movie, like Ironman 3, takes off from The Avengers. I am interested to see how Thor deals with cutting out Jane Foster, I am sure she will be cold initially. Since the details are vague, and there is no trailer as of yet, I can only be generically excited about this film. But I know the people behind it and I know it will be awesome. Thor comes out November 8th.

catching fireCatching Fire

The first film, Hunger Games was exceptionally well done. I have full faith that this installment will be as good, considering these movies were made as a franchise. I am curious to see what is left out and what is added in, to meet the new cast and to see another epic battle! The first images that have been released look great, and I can’t wait for the full length trailer, it’s going to be awesome. Catching Fire comes out November 22nd.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

I enjoyed the first film, not as much as I wanted to, but still, it was good. As you readers know, I have never read the book, so I have no idea what to expect in this film. I don’t even have an idea as to where I want the film to go. Will Gollum catch up with Bilbo? There will be more battles, obviously, but over what? Will we see evil start to rise? So many questions. The Hobbit comes out December 13th.


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