Movie Review: The Host

host1I gave this movie a chance against my better judgement. Let’s not mince words on how opinionated I am about the whole Twilight series. The books were far and away better than the drivel that was made. But I digress. I was nervous about this movie for two major reasons: I wasn’t sold on their casting and I wasn’t sure how they would convey the emotional moments of the book between Melanie and Wanda, considering these moments happen in her head.

The movie was alright–I don’t mind the casting of the leads, and I felt the movie did a good job explaining love story between Melanie and Jared. I felt the casting of William Hurt as Jeb was the best of the entire movie, and critical in making the audience feel for Wanda. Further, the casting of Diane Kruger as the Seeker was inspired. I feared her. Her spooky eyes, her driven passion to find Wanda and the resistance. She was evil. Another plus: there was also a lot of kissing in the movie, with hot guys, so that never hurts. Sadly, this is where the positive review ends.

host2I felt the main thing that made the movie awkward/bad was the communication between Wanda and Melanie. Their conversations did not translate well to the brig screen–either their conversations were juvenile or they didn’t convey the growing emotional connection between the two characters, either way, it didn’t work. Further, the romance between Wanda and Ian felt rushed. Considering this was my favourite part of the book, I felt disappointed in how it played out on the big screen. Overall, the movie just didn’t resonate with me. I felt it was too rushed, that the themes in the book were lost. At the end of the movie I should have felt horrified at the loss of soul’s or Wanda’s decision. Instead, I didn’t care.

I would only recommend this movie to people who have read the book, and it’s been a bit of time since you have read it. I say that not only because of my take on the movie, but my husband’s. He felt Les Miserable was better than this movie, and believe me, that’s saying something.


~ by xine23 on March 31, 2013.

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