Olympus Has Fallen Review

movie poster olympushasfallenI went into this movie with very few expectations–I wanted action and a maybe get Gerard Butler shirtless while sweating and shooting at evil enemies. I had no illusions about what this movie was going to be, an ok story, lots of action and a happy ending. I got it all and then so much American Patriotism I felt like I was wrapped up in an American flag and was going to poop red, white and blue sparkles. Seriously!! The crazy thing though, is that watching this movie in Texas and not Ontario, the crowd reception to this patriotism was totally different. The crowd got into it, cheered, yelled back at the screen and loved it. And so although I personally didn’t feel the moment the way the rest of the crowd did, it did enhance the movie.

The story centers on a demoted President’s aid (Butler), who happens to now work within eyesight of the White House. Of course. So the day the President gets taken hostage and the White House is under attack he can race to it and defend it while every other security guard dies. At this point the movie turns into Die Hard, as Butler’solympus gerard character is the only person inside the White House, fighting the evil minions.

Overall, I enjoyed this movie. It doesn’t have great substance or some kind of moving message. That isn’t the point. It is fun, it has lots of action and I like the cast. I love Gerard Butler, his accent, his sarcastic looks, everything. I also love the supporting cast: Aaron Eckhart as the president, Morgan Freeman as the Speaker of the House, Angela Bassett and Ashley Judd. And if you can handle a ton of American patriotism, you too will enjoy this movie!


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  1. Totally agree with you on this movie! Although seeing it in Ontario I sadly did not get the audience interaction.

    • Did you poop sparkles in American flag colours like I did?? LOL So glad that no matter the distance, we have the same thoughts on movies!

  2. I did! I also felt like I had this eagle on my shoulder.

    • *dies*!!!! Robert doesn’t know what to do with me, I am laughing SOOOO HARD!!! Can I get a holla?? I sent that eagle to you, it’s from Texas 😉

  3. Nice review. When the movie ends, chances are you probably won’t be left with a feeling that you just watched some amazingly unique, but there are bits of fun you will like.

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