Iron Man 3 Review

Iron-Man-3First big summer movie! As you readers know, I highly anticipate the summer movie season. I love action, thrills and fun–everything that summer movies offer. Iron Man 3 is a fantastic choice to start–it’s a known franchise, it has stars that will get people to see it, and a story that is compelling through the trailer. I was so excited to see the film that I made my husband line up an hour before it started to ensure we got good seats (I was at work). He’s a good sport (and I might have to do dishes for 2 weeks as a price for this, but it’s worth it!).

This movie was a fantastic way to start the season. The movie is more than an action film–it has a strong theme to it and intermixed are strong moments of humour to lighten the serious moments. It is balanced exceptionally well. I love a movie that has meaning, has a reason behind the action, and Iron Man 3 delivers. Tony Stark is not the anti-hero we met in the thirst movie. He has gone through things, he has changed and he hasn’t quite figured out how to deal with what happened in New York. Add onto that, in hiiron man pottss playboy days he inadvertently made some enemies that are rising to the surface to bite him in the ass. These two types of demons mixed well, they didn’t feel false and worked to make the movie richer. Further, the themes in this movie created a lot of character development not only for Stark, but an important one for Pepper Potts, which was freaking awesome!

The action was fan-freaking-tastic!! Tony has been tinkering with some new toys and they all unleash in this film. I enjoyed the tweaks on the suit, how Potts got to wear it (finally!!) and all the neat action from the our evil nemesis’. The action was seamless, it made the viewer feel like they were there. It wasn’t too much and the special effects rocked!

iron man killianAs expected, Iron Man  was filled with light moments, great humour and sarcasm. As I said earlier, this balanced the film so that it didn’t feel serious the entire time. Stark was his normal, sarcastic self, but the spotlight shone on Happy, his bodyguard. Every scene with Happy was hilarious! Personally, I love this franchise because of its sarcasm and one-liners and thankfully the third installment did not disappoint!

Overall, I had a kick ass time!! The movie had everything to make me happy–fierce action! Sarcasm! Heart and soul! Villains who were crappy and yet Terminator-like! I was beyond pleased, I am considering seeing it again…you know if I can find someone here in Texas to see it with me. I am telling all of you to go see this!! You will not be disappointed!


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  1. Good review. It’s a lot of fun to watch if you just want a fun summer blockbuster and still need some Marvel flavor.

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